Thursday, 31 May 2012

Smokey Winged Eyes

Probably my fave thing about this "winged smokey eyes" is it looks pretty,you could wear it day or night and it is soooooo easy to do! Thats why i do this,so i can show you guys the simple and easy way to get effective results with your makeup with out having to get up at 5am to have to do it!! I actually decided to do this because its a bit of a mix between the "Adele winged eyeliner" and also the "Classic black smokey eye" that i did i kind of just combined the two :) i hope you like this look and give it a go maybe even use a navy instead of the black that would look amazing if your after something a bit different or arnt a fan of black!

Products used: Urban Decay Deluxe eye shadow in "Zero",Urban Decay Deluxe eye shadow in "Shag",Urban Decay Deluxe eye shadow in "Ruthless" (my very favorite urban decay colour!),NYX jumbo pencil in "Iced Mocha",Urban Decay eye liner in "Perversion",Napoleon Perdis Gel liner in "Equinox"

-First i started by applying eye primer over my eye lid,then also over the entire lid i used the "Iced Mocha" (a cream eyeshadow in a Taupe/pewter colour)

-Then i used an eye shadow brush an applied "Ruthless" (a pewter/taupe with a bit of silver shimmer also over my entire lid.

-I then used a blending brush with the colour "Shag" (a golden shimmery copper) and used that over the crease of my eye,this is to make the eyelid appear larger and to warm up/soften the look.

-i then used the "Perversion" pencil and along my entire lash line (top and bottom) making the liner thinner on the inside and thicker on the outside,dont worry if the line isnt straight,that doesnt matter.

-After that i used a "smudge" brush and smudged along the eye liner so you cant see a line and making a wing shape on the outer edge,so keep smudging until there is not definite line.

-I then went over the pencil (top and bottom) with the colour "Zero" (Back) and slightly blended the colour out,also by adding the powder eye shadow over the top of the pencil it will help to set it and last longer 

-After that i liner my top lash line with the gel eye liner and making a wing on the outer corner.

-Lastly i finished off by applying mascara and its up to you if you would like to use false lashes!

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