Thursday, 31 May 2012

Purple Fairy Eyes

I Luuuuuuuuuuv this eye look so much! Its so pretty and girly :) I called it "Fairy eyes" because for some reason thats what it reminds me of, pretty,purple and sparkly! If this look frightens you a little bit you could tone it down a bit by not taking the colour so high and using not as dark or as bright of a purple. I hope you guys love this and give it a go!

Products used:Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow in "Freakshow",Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow in "Fishnet",Urban Decay loose eye shadow in "Rockstar",NYX jumbo pencil in "Knight",Urban Decay eye pencil in "Perversion",BFTE eye shadow in "Misty",Napoleon Perdis gel liner in "Equinox"

-First i applied primer all over my eye lid,then used the "Knight" (black cream eye shadow with gold glitter through it) all over my lid as well taking it to the crease.

-Then i used the "Freakshow" (a dark purple) eyeshadow on the middle of the lid.

-After that i used the "Rockstar" (a really dark purple with pink and purple sparkles through it) eye shadow on the outer corner (top and bottom) of my eye and i took that colour just over the crease and blended the edges in with the other dark purple.

-Then i used the colour "Fishnet" (a light purple with a slight blue duo-chrome) on the inner corner stopping just short of the tear duct and then using that same colour on a blending brush over the edges of the dark purple and blending it up to almost the brow bone.

-I then used the "Misty" (a pearl with pink undertone and sparkles) around my tear duct.

-Then i used the gel liner on my top lash line and lined my water line with the "Perversion" eye liner

-Lastly i finished off by applying false lashes and mascara!

Also if you guys wanted to send me any pictures of  makeup you have done i would love to see it,and i appreciate every one stopping by to check out my blog so thankyou so much! XOXO

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