Sunday, 27 May 2012

Coloured Eyeliner

This such a fun,easy look so thought i would share it with you guys! Its a different take on regular eye liner you can use what ever colours you like i have gone for greens,blues and purples but any colours would work fine! So i hope you give it a go and send me a pic of the finished result i would love to see different variations of this!

You will need: a cup of water,whatever eye shadow colours you would like to use (pressed eye shadows or pigments either will be fine),an eye liner brush,and its up to you i used an eye liner mixing medium,but you could use water if you dont have that.

-First i started by opening my lightest green and in the lid i added a little bit of the mixing medium then dipped my brush in it,and then dipped it in the eye shadow then started off my line at the inner corner of my eye lid making the line a little thicker than usual.

-I then stopped the line after about a  half a centre metre in.

-i then did the same process with the next colour and the same after that,its the same steps.Just remember when starting a new colour slightly over lap it with the last colour you used as this will help the colours to blend better.

-When tou have finished your line with the different colours i then did a really thin line of black eye liner next to my lash line,this will make the colours pop and thats why we did a thicker line with the colours,to make room for the black

-Lastly finish off how ever you like with mascara or false lashes!

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