Thursday, 31 May 2012

Smokey Winged Eyes

Probably my fave thing about this "winged smokey eyes" is it looks pretty,you could wear it day or night and it is soooooo easy to do! Thats why i do this,so i can show you guys the simple and easy way to get effective results with your makeup with out having to get up at 5am to have to do it!! I actually decided to do this because its a bit of a mix between the "Adele winged eyeliner" and also the "Classic black smokey eye" that i did i kind of just combined the two :) i hope you like this look and give it a go maybe even use a navy instead of the black that would look amazing if your after something a bit different or arnt a fan of black!

Products used: Urban Decay Deluxe eye shadow in "Zero",Urban Decay Deluxe eye shadow in "Shag",Urban Decay Deluxe eye shadow in "Ruthless" (my very favorite urban decay colour!),NYX jumbo pencil in "Iced Mocha",Urban Decay eye liner in "Perversion",Napoleon Perdis Gel liner in "Equinox"

-First i started by applying eye primer over my eye lid,then also over the entire lid i used the "Iced Mocha" (a cream eyeshadow in a Taupe/pewter colour)

-Then i used an eye shadow brush an applied "Ruthless" (a pewter/taupe with a bit of silver shimmer also over my entire lid.

-I then used a blending brush with the colour "Shag" (a golden shimmery copper) and used that over the crease of my eye,this is to make the eyelid appear larger and to warm up/soften the look.

-i then used the "Perversion" pencil and along my entire lash line (top and bottom) making the liner thinner on the inside and thicker on the outside,dont worry if the line isnt straight,that doesnt matter.

-After that i used a "smudge" brush and smudged along the eye liner so you cant see a line and making a wing shape on the outer edge,so keep smudging until there is not definite line.

-I then went over the pencil (top and bottom) with the colour "Zero" (Back) and slightly blended the colour out,also by adding the powder eye shadow over the top of the pencil it will help to set it and last longer 

-After that i liner my top lash line with the gel eye liner and making a wing on the outer corner.

-Lastly i finished off by applying mascara and its up to you if you would like to use false lashes!

Why You Should ALWAYS Wear Eye Primer!

You will notice that at the beginning of every eye makeup tutorial i always say in the very first step to prime your eye lid,girls this is a MUST! It is so important to do this step for a number of reasons:
-They have a sticky-ish texture to them,there fore your eye shadow will last longer and appear brighter and more true to tone.
-They prevent creasing which occurs when the eye lids get oily (your eye lids are the oiliest part on your face) so when they get oily the eye shadow will appear "creased" and the eye shadow will wear off and flake.

I use either the "F.Y...eye!" by Bennefit or the Eye shadow "Primer Poition" by Urban Decay,there are different variety's of these as they have different colours,my favorite is the one named "Eden" which is the first Urban Decay one pictured,because it is a skin colour,like a mini concealor as it evens out the skin on the eye making it the perfect base.

What Urban Decay say about their primers:
 Our Eyeshadow Primer Potion promises long lasting, crease-proof, more vibrant eye shadow. And our travel sizes mean never going without your favorites! Each shade offers a little something different but ALL deliver mighty performance.
Introducing travel-size versions of our beloved Eyeshadow Primer Potions! These are MUST-HAVES for serious primer junkies and primer-newbies alike. Each gorgeous formula has a different desirable finish, but ALL give you eyeshadow that lasts, more vibrant color, and absolutely NO creasing! Their go-anywhere sizes mean never having to go without your trusted Primer Potion. Apply to lids before shadow application. It dries down almost instantly creating smooth lids that are super powered eyeshadow magnets. 

So guys whatever you decide to do i would highly reccomend using a primer on your eyes,you dont want your beautiful work to go to waste!!! I also hope this helps you to understand eye primers a little better and know what they do when using them :)

Here i have swatched the eye primers i have so you can see the difference in colour,they are in the same order as the picture above,from left to right: F.Y...eye by bennefit,the rest by Urban Decay,Eden,Greed,Sin and not swatched is the original as it is clear.

Purple Fairy Eyes

I Luuuuuuuuuuv this eye look so much! Its so pretty and girly :) I called it "Fairy eyes" because for some reason thats what it reminds me of, pretty,purple and sparkly! If this look frightens you a little bit you could tone it down a bit by not taking the colour so high and using not as dark or as bright of a purple. I hope you guys love this and give it a go!

Products used:Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow in "Freakshow",Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow in "Fishnet",Urban Decay loose eye shadow in "Rockstar",NYX jumbo pencil in "Knight",Urban Decay eye pencil in "Perversion",BFTE eye shadow in "Misty",Napoleon Perdis gel liner in "Equinox"

-First i applied primer all over my eye lid,then used the "Knight" (black cream eye shadow with gold glitter through it) all over my lid as well taking it to the crease.

-Then i used the "Freakshow" (a dark purple) eyeshadow on the middle of the lid.

-After that i used the "Rockstar" (a really dark purple with pink and purple sparkles through it) eye shadow on the outer corner (top and bottom) of my eye and i took that colour just over the crease and blended the edges in with the other dark purple.

-Then i used the colour "Fishnet" (a light purple with a slight blue duo-chrome) on the inner corner stopping just short of the tear duct and then using that same colour on a blending brush over the edges of the dark purple and blending it up to almost the brow bone.

-I then used the "Misty" (a pearl with pink undertone and sparkles) around my tear duct.

-Then i used the gel liner on my top lash line and lined my water line with the "Perversion" eye liner

-Lastly i finished off by applying false lashes and mascara!

Also if you guys wanted to send me any pictures of  makeup you have done i would love to see it,and i appreciate every one stopping by to check out my blog so thankyou so much! XOXO

Colourful Spring Eyes

This look is so fun but not for the faint hearted! This probably isnt something i would wear day to day but its something different!It has such pretty spring colours,it makes me look forward to the warmer months :)
If you dont think you would wear colours like this on your eyes you could replace the pink and lilac for a soft mauve,and the orange with a peachy colour so regardless of how game you are you can still give it a go!

Products used: NYX Pigment in "Geisha",The rest of the colours i used on my eyes were out of the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette,L'Oreal carbon Black lineur intense.

-To start with i used an eye primer all over my entire lid,then i used the colour "Geisha" (it looks red-ish in the pic but its a pretty deep pink) on the outer corner of my eye and taking the outer edge of colour up just over my crease.

-Then i picked a mid-tone lilac and pressed that over the eye lid slightly over lapping the pink

-After that i used a light Mauve towards my inner corner and slightly blending that in with the darker lilac.Then i used a blending brush to go around the edge of colour to blend out any harsh lines.

-Then i used a bright orange along the lower lash line stopping just before the inner corner of the tear duct.

-After that i used a sparkly pale yellow around my inner corner and blended the edge of that into the colours next to it.

-Lastly to finish off i did a thin line of liquid liner on my top lid,this will help the colour pop but you dont want to do it too thick,then i used some mascara and applied some false lashes!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Teal Eyes (Paris Sigma Palette)

Ok so we all know how much i am loving the new "Sigma Paris Palette",it is to die for. So i have created yet another look using it. I love this kind of eye makeup because its still smokey but has colour in it as well. If you wanted to make it a little more dramatic or more night-time you could replace where i have used the warm bronzey colour with the Black in the palette.

Products used: Sigma "Paris" palette (there are pictures of the palette in previous post's),NYX jumbo pencil in "Peacock" (i hav also pictured and swatched this colour in the "Why i love NYX eye shadow pencils" post), L'Oreal carbon Black lineur intense.

-First off i started as i always do by priming my entire eye lid so the colour sticks and there is no creasing,then i applied the lightest teal colour starting just before my tear duct taking the colour two thirds across my eye lid.

-Next i used the warm chocolate/burgundy colour on a pencil brush and did a "V" shape in the outer corner of my eye taking it above my crease,then also using that same colour on the outer corner of my lower lash line.

-I then lined my lower water liner with the "Peacock" eye pencil then i smudged the colour downwards using a small eye shadow brush.

-Then i used a large eye shadow brush with the dark teal colour on it,and applied it over where i just used the "Peacock" pencil and also in between the light teal and dark colour on the eye lid,this will help to blend the colours better.

-Next i used the golden white colour around my tear duct.

-Then i used the peach blush colour on a blending brush and used that around the colour on the top eye lid and blended it up to almost the brow bone.

-Lastly i finished off with mascara,liquid liner and if you like,false lashes. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this look and give it a go!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Coloured Eyeliner

This such a fun,easy look so thought i would share it with you guys! Its a different take on regular eye liner you can use what ever colours you like i have gone for greens,blues and purples but any colours would work fine! So i hope you give it a go and send me a pic of the finished result i would love to see different variations of this!

You will need: a cup of water,whatever eye shadow colours you would like to use (pressed eye shadows or pigments either will be fine),an eye liner brush,and its up to you i used an eye liner mixing medium,but you could use water if you dont have that.

-First i started by opening my lightest green and in the lid i added a little bit of the mixing medium then dipped my brush in it,and then dipped it in the eye shadow then started off my line at the inner corner of my eye lid making the line a little thicker than usual.

-I then stopped the line after about a  half a centre metre in.

-i then did the same process with the next colour and the same after that,its the same steps.Just remember when starting a new colour slightly over lap it with the last colour you used as this will help the colours to blend better.

-When tou have finished your line with the different colours i then did a really thin line of black eye liner next to my lash line,this will make the colours pop and thats why we did a thicker line with the colours,to make room for the black

-Lastly finish off how ever you like with mascara or false lashes!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Naked Eyes


Today i have only used the "Naked" palette by Urban Decay to create this look,which i thought i would follow up after my "Black Smokey Eye" just to show you that you dont have to use black to do a smokey eye,infact you can use any colour you like. I chose this Bronze look for those of you that dont like it to be too dark and a little more natural looking. I love this because its still appropriate for day time and also a little easier to do blending-wise.I hope you have a go at this maybe add a pop of colour to it?!

Products used:Urban Decay "Naked" Palette
Left to right:"Half Baked" 6th one in,"Smog" 7th one in,"Dark horse" 8th one in,"Toasted" 9th one in,"Hustle" 10th one in.

-To start things off i applied an eye primer to my eye lids then on the outer third of my eye in a "V" shape i used  the colour "Dark Horse" (a shimmery dark bronzey-brown) and i blended that up above the crease of my eye,i also used that same colour on the outer corner of my lash line.

-Then i used the colour "Hustle" (a dark browney-plumb) next to the "Dark Horse" slightly over lapping it.

-After that i used the colour "Smog" (a light shimmery bronze) next to the colour "Hustle" again slightly over lapping it,i took that colour just stopping shy of my tear duct and i only did this step on my to lid.

-Then i used the colour "Half Baked" (a true gold) all around my tear duct an along my lower lash line taking it to the darkest colour on the outer edge.

-I then used the colour "Toasted" (a Lighter version of "Hustle") on a blending brush and blended it around my crease taking it up almost to the brow bone.

-Lastly to finish off i lined my water line with the "Zero" (Black) end of the double ended eye liner,i also lined my top lash line with liquid eye liner and mascara

Why I LOVE NYX Eyeshadow Pencils!

These pencils are something that if i didn't have them any more i would be at a huge loss....i LOVE them! So today i thought i would do a post on them because i really think they are something worth having,i mean i literally use them all over my face lol.These little babies are so cheap i believe around $4 im pretty sure i own all of the different colours(Geez do you think i like them?) and i have included swatches of them all in this post.
A few different things i use mine for is all over my eye lids when using eye shadow,this intensify's the colour alot more and helps it stay on longer as when you apply eye shadow over the pencil it helps the shadow stick to your lid alot better.I will warn you though you will need to use an eye primer when using these as they will crease.
You can also use these as eye liner (even on your water line) or you can use the colour "Milk" on your water line and then put what ever colour eye shadow you like over the top of that and it will instantly turn into coloured eye liner.
There are some beautiful highlight shades in the range too,you can use them on your brow bone,around your tear duct (which will instantly open up your eyes) or i even use the colour "Sparkle Nude" as a high lighter on my cheek bones just by rubbing a bit on my finger the dabbing it along the tops of my cheeks.So here are the swatches of each colour,i hope this inspires a look using them!
Left to Right:Baby Blue,Pacific,Electric Blue,Peacock,Purple,Cobalt.
Left to Right:Hot Pink,Strawberry Milk,Lavender,Oyster,Purple Velvet.

Left to Right: Cashmere,Sparkle Nude,Yogurt,Bronze,Rust.
Left to Right:Pure Gold,Gold,Sparkle Leopard,French Fries,Iced Mocha.
Left to Right:Horse Raddish,Lime,Cucumber,Rocky Mountain Green,Sparkle Green.

Left to right:Milk (NYX's most popular shade),Cottage Cheese,Pots & Pans.Slate,Dark Brown,Knight,Black Bean.


Black Smokey Eye (Using Sigma Paris Palette)

Today i created a regular Black smokey eye using the Sigma Paris palette.This is so simple as i only used 4 colours from the palette and so easy to do! The beauty of this look too is you can modify it to your makeup style. You dont have to use as much of the black or take it as high up over the crease as i have. I think its good for everyone to know how to do this particular look...who doesnt love a smokey eye!

        The palette is the only thing i have used for this look as well as Urban Decay eye liner in "Perversion"

-To start off as always i have used an eye primer over my entire lid to make sure there is no creasing.

-After that i used the colour "Eiffel" (Black with a multi-colour glitter through it) on the outer 2/3 of my eye,on the very outer corner i winged it out a little bit,i also did the same on my lower lash line and to finish that step off i blended along the edges of the colour i just put down to make sure the is no harsh lines.

-Then i used the colour "Notre Dame" (a shimmery pewter purple with flecks of gold through it) next to the black and slightly blended it over the top and i took it in just shy of the tear duct (top and bottom)

-I then used the colour "Lumiere" which is the cheek highlight colour in the palette (a shimmery champagne-nude) and applied that over my brow bone and around my tear duct

-After that i used another one of the cheek colours which was "Rouge" (a warm pink-ish brown) and  with a blending brush i applied that around the edge of the black colour,just to soften the look.

-And to finish off i used the "perversion" eyeliner (a very dark black) along my water line,i also used liquid liner on my top lash line.mascara and false lashes.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

My Take on Adele's Winged Liner

Adele would have to have the most amazingly beautiful winged eye liner IN THE WORLD! going to give it a go. This is my take on her look,mine will be a little bit different we have different eye shapes,skin tones etc so when you give it a go feel free to mix yours up a little bit too!

-First you want to prime your eye lid to make sure there is no creasing with your eye shadow
-Adele isn't wearing a lot of eye shadow but the reason its there is to define the crease of her eye which is very flattering so you want to take a warm medium brown (depending on skin tone) on a pointed brush and sweep it around the top of your eye socket.
-Then get a light warm brown on a blending brush and blend along where you have just used the darker colour,this will give it a "Shadowy" effect,and make sure to blend it up so there are no lines
-On the actual eye lid i used a sparkly natural pinky colour and just applied that all over the lid and around the tear duct (i have used my coastal scents palette for this look in the "warm" palette,it has beautiful natural tones there is a picture of it in my "MAC VS NYX" post
-At this point your eye should look natural still,just accentuated, something like this:

-Now we are up to the liner! There are so many different techniques for this im going to give you two very simple tips that will help you especially if you haven't done this type of liner before. 
Something i normally do if im doing a very "winged" liner is use a fine tip eye liner pen(i use one by NYX which i think is around $8 or $9) because it has such a fine tip but still eye liner i have alot more precision than with a regular eye liner brush.So i draw very steadily the shape of the wing that i want something like this:

So thats the shape of the wing i want now i just have to go over the top of it with my liquid liner (im using L'Oreal Carbon Black lineur intense)
Also if you dont have a steady hand you could place a small piece of tape at the edge of your eye to make sure you get a straight line.
-When applying the liner try to do short sweeping motions rather than one long line,it will end up crooked this way
-So when starting off at the inner corner start with a very thin line and the further towards the outside you get the thicker you should make it
-Then to finish off the look i used a small eye shadow bush along the bottom lashline very lightly with a smokey grey colour,and then i applied my false lashes starting at the outside of the eye then the inside.
TIP:when applying false lashes let the glue dry 30 secs before you put them on,it makes for a much easier application.
And this is what i came up with! I'd love to see photos if you decide to give this a go!

Glowing eyes

At the moment my lil bubba is teething so it was a crazy night which = No sleep! So today i had dark circles on top of dark circles so i decided this was the perfect look to brighten my eyes up! Its so easy and something you could do for a day to day look,i hope you enjoy it and give it a try!

Products used: "Ammo" palette by Urban Decay,"Pomegranate"  Color tattoo by Maybelline,"Blackened Red" pigment by MAC.

-First apply primer over your entire lid ,then over the top of that apply the "Pomegranate" and smudge it out,with your finger will be fine.
-Then on the outer three quarters of the eye i used the colour "Last Call"(a shimmery cranberry colour) from the palette,and again blended it up over the crease of the eye
-Over the top of the crease i then used the colour "Chopper" (a soft copper colour) on a blending brush and blended it up almost to the brow bone,doing this step is what gives this look a "glowing" look,it warms it up alot.
-Next i lightly applied the same colour to towards the inner part of the eye slightly over lapping the cranberry colour. I did this on the bottom lash line too.
-Then around the tear duct i used the colour "Polyester Bride" (a shimmery sparkly pearl white) and smudged it into the copper shade. 
-Now comes the sparkly part! when ever i use glitter of any sort on my eyes u COULD use MAC fix + but i usually use hair spray....slightly odd but it works a treat! In this case i sprayed a bit of hair spray onto my finger then dabbed it where i wanted it on my eye lid. Then i dipped my brush into the "Blackened Red" glitter (a deep sparkly maroon-ish red) and quickly just dabbed it over where i had put the hairspray.You want to move quick as the hair spray will dry fast.  
-To finish off i used the colour "Oil Slick"(a dark black with silver sparkles) in the outer corner (top and bottom) doing the shape of a "V" and blending it into the cranberry colour. Then i applied my eye liner and mascara and OFCOURSE lol false lashes!