Monday, 29 October 2012

Inglot AMC Gel Liner Review

Hello Beauties! Not too long ago i shared with you everything that i picked up at IMATS 2012 and one of the things i got the most questions about were the 3 gel liners that i bought at Inglot. So in the meantime i have had a month to play with these lil babies so i can give you my honest thoughts on this product.

I ended up buying the 3 colours that i would get the most use out of: a black (77),an eggplant purple (74) and a chocolate brown (90) 
To give you a bit of an idea of the liner's themselves there are 20 colours to choose from,all of which are matte.I love their range of colours,you dont often see this variety with gel liners.They are $25 each although i got 30% off mine,and the jars are actually quite large too (5.5g)

What Inglot say: High intensity pigments provide ideal coverage and rich colors after just one application. The Creamy and delicate long lasting formula dries in 60 seconds to a water, smudge and crease proof finish.

My thoughts: Initially i bought these to use as a base for eyeshadow,and whilst i do like using them for that and i do think they are a beautiful base they literally dry with the blink of you're eye.Seriously. You have to work FAST.I have really been enjoying using these as eyeliner,i especially like the purple for the water line.
The best quality these have is the formula. I have never used such a soft and buttery gel liner as these and for that quality alone i would re-purchase these in a heartbeat.They are so easy to apply,the colour is rich so only one brush stroke is needed and what shocked me most was how long these stayed for.They didnt crease,fade or wear off at all. Because these wore so well this peaked my interest and decided a little experiment was in order.

 The top picture was done at 7 in the morning while i was doing my makeup,then i put a long sleeve top on over it of the day.Bear in mind i am a mum and a hair dresser so my hands/arms are in water alot .
The bottom picture was taken 12 hours later at 7pm.Now i think this is bloody impressive!

Same again with these pictures the only difference is these were done with an eyeliner brush and the others were with my finger.The faint mark in the bottom picture next to the black is a swatch of my other blacker-than-black eyeliner "Perversion"by Urban Decay. I wanted to see how the two compared,thy actaully looked identical when first swatched and as the day wore on so did "perversion".....

I would without hesitation buy this product again i loved everything about it i am just kicking myself for not buying the white and the teal colours i also had my eye on at the time! 

I hope you found this useful and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask :)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Mermaid Eyes!

Hi pretty's! Todays look was inspired by a picture Kim Kardashian posted on Twitter of herself in a mermaid costume,she looked completely amazing,as always so i thought i would create a "Mermaid-ish" type of  look just because...well they are sooooo prettttty! I hope you like this,please feel free to leave you're thoughts below or if you have any ideas for upcoming posts!

Products used: NYX jumbo pencil in "Milk",MAC eyeshadow in "Newly Minted",Inglot eyeshadows AMC Shine 24,  AMC Shine 17, AMC Shine 32,Matte 325, MAC eyeshadow "Beauty Marked"

-First i started by applying eye primer over my eye lids,then over the top of that just using my finger i applied the "Milk" pencil around my eyelids.
Next on a flat eye shadow brush i used "AMC Shine 32"(a shimmery aqua/teal) and patted that colour down in the center of my eye lid,top and bottom.
-Then next to that colour on the side thats closest to the inner corner i applied "AMC Shine 17" (a shimmery light green),i also over lapped the colour a little.
-Next i used "Matte 325"(a matte medium-dark purple) on a fluffy brush and applied that colour around the outer corner of my eye.

 -After that using a fluffy brush i applied "AMC Shine 24" (a light shimmery aqua) around the inner corner of my eye.I then lined my water line with the milk pencil and then applied over the top of that the "Newly Minted" eyeshadow.

-I then used "Beauty Marked" on a pencil brush and applied that in the outer corner of my eye,this just gives it more depth. To finish off i applied liquid liner,mascara and false lashes.

I hope you liked this look and thankyou for stopping by :)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sushi Flower inspired EOTD

Hi everyone! Todays EOTD was inspired by "Sushi Flower",an eyeshadow by MAC. This is one of my favorite colours ever but i tend not to use it often as i rarely wear pink eyeshadow,actually i pretty much never wear pink eyeshadow...But i do love this look, in fact its actaully been one of my favorites that i have done in a while,its just a bit different and i like that :) It's mainly a pink look that has some black and a pop of aqua.I hope you like this look and i would love to hear what you think!

Products used: NYX jumbo eye pencil in "Milk",MAC eyeshadows in "Pink Freeze","Sushi Flower","Aqua","Aquadisiac","Black Tied"

-First i applied eye primer over my eye lids,then over the top of that i applied the "Milk" pencil,just with my finger.After that using a flat eye shadow brush i patted down "Pink Freeze" on the inner half of my eye lid.

-Next on a small fluffy brush i applied around the outer crease of my eye "Sushi Flower".

-I then used "Aquadisiac" on a small eyeshadow brush and patted that down next to the darker pink.Then on the other side of the "Aquadisiac" i applied "Aqua" to blend the darker aqua into the lighter pink.

-Next i lined my top lashline with black liquid liner,then i patted over the liner with "Black Tied" and also patted it down lightly around my crease for depth.

-To finish off i applied a few coats of mascara and false lashes.

I hope you liked this look,would you brave wearing pink eyshadow? Let me know you're thoughts and thankyou so much for stopping by! 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pretty Plasma Eyes

Hi beauties, I hope you are all having a great weekend! I created today's look mainly based off Darling Girl's "Pretty Plasma" which is the most beautiful teal with pink and purple sparkles in it.I really like this look,i think it puts a bit of a different spin on a smokey eye with that subtle pop of colour.I hope you like this look,and try it out!

Products used: Femme Fatale eyeshadow in "The Nightmare",Darling Girl eyeshadow in "Pretty Plasma",Femme Fatale eyeshadow in "Dispersion",Fyrinnae eyeshadow in "Evocation",NYX jumbo eye pencil in "Black Bean"

-First i started by applying eye primer over my eye lids,then using my finger i patted down the "Black Bean" pencil all around my eye,dont worry about being overly neat we can fix that up later.

-Next using a pencil brush i applied "The Nightmare" on the very inner and outer corners of my eye and also around the crease.

-After that i patted down "Pretty Plasma" across my eyelid in the spot that doesn't have "The Nightmare" on it (so pretty much across most of the eye lid). Then in the very middle of the eye lid i applied "Dispersion" .

-Next on a blending brush i blended around the edges of the eyeshadow using "Evocation".To finish off i applied liquid liner to my top lashline,and Urban Decay's eye pencil in "Perversion" along my water line.I aslo applied mascara and false lashes.

I hope you guys like this look,let me know what you think! I love to hear from you and thankyou for stopping by :)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tropicana Eyes

Hi everyone! Todays EOTD is very bright and inspired by a covergirl palette i picked up at Target recently,it had my name written all over it! It has 4 beautiful bright colours in it and they are so pigmented! This is a very bright look,i went to town with these colours but if thats not for you,you could definitely tone it down a bit.   Something else i love about this look is it is so affordable (i believe the palette was around $10) and everything i have used you can get from the chemist/drugstore. I hope you like this look,you could even try it out for Halloween!

Products used: Covergirl eye enhancers palette in "Tropical Fusion",Maybelline colour tattoo in "Edgy Emerald",NYX jumbo eye pencil in "Milk"

-To start with i applied eye primer over my eye lids,then over the top of that i patted on using my finger the "Milk" pencil. Next using a pencil brush i used  the darkest blue in the palette and applied that around the outer corner of my eye and the crease. Then using the teal/emerald colour on a flat eyeshadow brush i over lapped that colour with the dark blue colour and applied that colour almost all the way towards the inner corner of my eye.
-Next on a small fluffy brush i applied the light green all around the inner corner of my eye.

-After that i used a smudge brush with the coral/orange colour and patted that along my lower lash line.I then lined my lower water line using the edgy emerald and lined my top lashline with liquid liner.To finish off i applied mascara and false lashes.

I hope you liked this look,have you tried or are you a fan of the covergirl palettes/eyeshadows? Thankyou for stopping by and dont forget to leave me you're thoughts below :)