Friday, 28 September 2012

Follow Friday!

Follow Friday 
Hi everyone,i hope you have all had a fabulous week! Today's follow friday goes to the very beautiful and  extremely talented  Colleen at "Vanity and Vodka". Any one who is into makeup will LOVE this blog! Colleen does the most amazing makeup looks and very informative product reviews which i love reading,and  she is such a lovely person i genuinely look forward to reading her blog posts! So please check out Colleen at "Vanity and Vodka" you wont regret it!
Thanks for stopping by i hope everyone has a great weekend and for you Aussies enjoy you're long weekend!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Aqua Suede Eyes

Hi everyone i hope you are all having a great start to you're week! Todays look was inspired by a NYX jumbo eye pencil in "Peacock" ,its the most beautiful teal ever! I love these pencils they are so affordable,easy to use and have such a wide variety of colours but make sure you use eye primer with them as they do crease. I hope you like this soft but colourful look :)

Products used: MAC eyeshadow in "Aqua",NYX eyeshadows in "Suede" and "Chocolate" and jumbo eye pencil in "Peacock"

-First i applied eye primer over my eye lids,then i used the "Peacock" eye pencil on the top half of the inner corner of my eye and just blended it out towards the middle of my eye lid.

-Next using a flat eyeshadow brush i applied the colour "Suede" over the rest of my eye lid overlapping the "Peacock" a little.I also used this colour along my lower lashline.

-After that on on a pencil brush i used "Chocoalte" around the outer corner of my eye. I also used "Aqua" on a small eyeshadow brush and applied that around the very inner corner of my eye.

-Lastly to finish off i lined my lashline with liquid liner and applied mascara and false lashes.

Thankyou so much for stopping by i hope you liked this look,and dont forget to leave you're comments below!


Monday, 24 September 2012

Darling Girls "Rainbow Brite" collection:Swatches & EOTD

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a terrific week,i am so freakin excited for IMATS (International Makeup Artist's Trade Show) this weekend! Are any of you going? I am sharing with you today part of Darling Girl's "Rainbow Brite" collection.If any of you have ever used Fyrinnae's "Ghost" eyeshadows these are the same kind of thing....except the name is cuter.This collection was inspired by Rainbow Brite and the rest of the characters.How presh is that?!
 This is what Darling Girl says about them:
The Rainbow Brite collection is a set of lovely duochrome highlighters that can be used alone, but take on a completely different look over a dark base.

My take on these:
If you love duochrome eyeshadows these little baby's are for you! I personally do,and they work like a dream over a black base (i use NYX's jumbo eye pencil in "Black Bean")i would love to try more of them(there are 10 in the collection).They dont really do a great deal on their own,unless using them as a highlight which can also look really pretty.I believe these were $2.50 for a petite jar which a quarter of a teaspoon of product.On to the swatches!

Lucky:  It is a pale white with turquoise iridescence in the jar, but when swatched, a beautiful green flash is seen along with blue, green, and red/pink sparkles.This is my very favorite one!

Indigo: Indigo is white in the jar, but when swatched, a gorgeous purple shift emerges with flashes of blue and purple star sprinkles.

Shy Violet: Shy Violet is white in the jar, but when swatched, a blue/violet shift comes alive. 

Rainbow Brite: Rainbow Brite is a pale, baby pink with red shift and a rainbow of star sprinkles.
I was most excited about this colour,but found it the most dissapointing.It looks quite "chunky" in the picture as i had to build it up ALOT for the colour to come out.

And this is the look i created using these colours!Its Mainly "Shy Violet" and "Indigo" on the top lid with a tiny bit of "Rainbow Brite" in the middle and "Lucky" along the lower lashline.

Have you tried any of these colours? If you are going to IMATS what is on you're wish list? Thankyou so much for stopping by dont forget to leave you're comments below!


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetic's Eyeshadow Swatches

Hi pretty people! Lately i have been loving all of the different indie cosmetic company's i have been trying out,they are putting the big brands to shame! My most recent order was with Darling Girl Cosmetics,and they did not dissapoint! They are so affordable,their eyeshadows are STUNNING and they are so lovely to deal with! I bought all petite sizes as i like to try them out before i buy full sizes and i believe they were $2.50 each. In the swatches below i have used Fyrinnae's "Pixie Epoxy" under each swatch.

Moondust- Moondust is a gorgeous, silvery taupe with tons of "diamond dust."
Sirena- Dust lilac with green shift and blue sheen/sparkle.
Flare- Flare is a reddish brown pearl with red/pink "diamond dust" shimmer.

Crypt Keeper- Crypt Keeper is a blackened antique gold.  
Rise Above- a gorgeous indigo with multi-colored sparkles 
Legion- Legion is a deep, lustrous, raisiny bronze with aqua shimmers. When foiled, it has a gorgeous orange/copper afterglow.

Conjure- Conjure looks in most lights like a dirty plum with red undertones hold it at an angle it almost looks like takes on a golden grey-green hue.  I would say when worn it looks like a coppery plum.
Jeweled Taupe- Jeweled Taupe is an amazing, metallic, bronzey taupe with multi-colored shimmer like tiny little jewels ribboned through it.
Neon Tree's- Bright pinky/orange/coral with a sweet pink undertones.(I didnt realize at the time i was swatching,but this is actually a blush they sent it to me as a gift with purchase) 

Shake you're shamRAWK!- is a spunky, cool green satin loaded with pink sparkles.
Scarab-Deep cool greyish brown with strong green shift.
Papercut- Dirty plum with strong grassy green glow.

R.E.M- a rich, khaki green with golden undertones
Thriller-Thriller is an earthy, burgundy pearl with golden bronze reflect.
Clueless- a golden brown with coppery red undertones

Empire of Dirt-  a cool-toned brown with loads of color-shifting "diamond dust."
On the Hunt- Vibrant green with bronze and pink sparkles
Pretty Plasma-a gorgeous, aqua-blue pearl with contrasting black glitter. 

These 4 colours are all in the "Rainbow Brite" collection which i have a separate post on these coming up very soon!
Lucky-  a pale white with turquoise iridescence in the jar, but when swatched, a beautiful green flash is seen along with blue, green, and red/pink sparkles.
Shy Violet- is white in the jar, but when swatched, a blue/violet shift comes alive. 
Indigo- is white in the jar, but when swatched, a gorgeous purple shift emerges with flashes of blue and purple star sprinkles.
Rainbow Brite- a pale, baby pink with red shift and a rainbow of star sprinkles.

Faren Hite-Faren Hite is a warm, bronzey pink with subtle flashes of red sparks. 
It's Showtime-Midnight blue with a garish amount of gold, blue and pink shimmer

How perfect are these colours?! I will without a doubt be re-ordering with "Darling Girl Cosmetics" the quality of these little gems are unbelievable! My favorite colours are Moondust,Sirena and Flare,and i also LOVE the Rainbow Brite collection,what are you're favorites? Have you used DGC before? Thankyou so much for stopping by,i appreciate you all so much :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Follow Friday

Follow Friday

This weeks "Follow Friday" goes to the beautiful Sylvia at "Makeup as expression"! This is such a great blog filled with the most gorgeous makeup looks,Sylvia has so much talent!There are so many great colour combinations and different makeup ideas too so please check out Sylvia you wont regret it! I hope everyone has a wonderful,happy and safe weekend :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Faerie Glamour Eyes

Hi everyone,i hope you are having a fabulous week! For todays EOTD i have used some Fyrinnae eyeshadows,i LOVE this little indie company! Their beautiful colours never fail to impress me,they are amazing! The main colour i have used here is "Faerie Glamour" which is a stunning sparkly blue-ish/violet colour.I hope you like this look,and please tell me you're thoughts is there any particular look that you would like to see?

Products used:Urban Decay eye pencil in "Rockstar",Fyrinnae eyeshadows in "Freya","Faerie Glamour","Dinosaur Plushie","Futuristic Glamrock" and "Meerkat"

-First i started by applying eye primer over my eye lids,then using the "Rockstar" eye pencil (a dark purple) i traced around the crease of my eye,winging the edge out a bit and also along the bottom lashline.

-Next i used "Freya" on a wet pencil brush and applied that over the top of the "Rockstar" pencil.

-After that i used "Faerie Glamour" on a small,wet eyeshadow brush,applying the colour around the inner and outer corners.

-I then used a wet eye shadow brush with "Dinosaur Plushie" on it and  patted that down in the center of my eye lid.

-Then on a small eyeshadow brush i patted down "Futuristic Glamrock" either side of "Dinosaur Plushie".I also used "Meerkat" on a blending brush and blended around the edges.
To finish off i lined my lashline with liquid liner,applied mascara and false lashes!

Thankyou so much for stopping by it means the world to me! Dont forget to subscribe and leave you're comments below :)

Monday, 17 September 2012

A Look Inspired By Fyrinnae's "Shenanigans"

Todays look has been inspired by "Shenanigans" which is an eyeshadow by "Fyrinnae".I LOVE this colour! I am normally a bit of a sucker when it comes to a pretty gold anyways but this colour is something special. Its a very true gold with multi colour sparkles through it.And yep,its even more amazing than it sounds!I hope you like this look and try it out :)

Products used:Fyrinnae eyeshadows in: Knickers in a twist,Shenanigans,Snow Leopard,Sacred,Nijiro and Urban Decay eye pencil in "Bourbon"

-First i started by applying eye primer over my eye lids,then using the "Bourbon" pencil (any chocolate/bronzey colour will do) i coloured that in all over my lid then smudged it out with my finger.

 -Next i used "Knickers in a twist" on a flat eye shadow brush and patted that down over my whole eyelid,dont worry about the edges we will blend them out later.

 -After that i used "Shenanigans" on a wet,flat eyeshadow brush and i patted that down in the center of my eye lid.

-Next i used "Snow leopard" on a blending brush and blended the edges out. I used "Sacred" on a smudge brush along my lower lash line and "Nijiro" around the inner corner of my eye.
Lastly i finished off with liquid liner,mascara and false lashes!

Thankyou so much for stopping by,dont forget to leave you're comments below!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Newest Fyrinnae Order:Eyeshadow Swatches

Ok,so you all know how much i LOVE my fyrinnae eyeshadows,i had to do another order! I am so happy i did i ended up getting a few more natural-ish colours this time which are so pretty now i am just patiently waiting for their Halloween collection! I will be doing 2 post's on this order as i got a couple of other things from them too,but this one's just eyeshadows.Each eyeshadow in these pictures has been swatched over the
"Pixie Epoxy" which makes a world of difference to loose eyeshadows intensifying the colour making them brighter/richer and last longer.

 Electric Stardust (Arcane Magic): Electric Stardust is a light, glowing, mint green sparkle . Brought closer to light, it changes to a lighter aqua then to a pale silvery blue
Dinosaur Plushie: Dinosaur Plushie is filled with multi-colored sparkle, some of which can change hue in different light.
Futuristic Glamrock (Arcane Magic): Futuristic Glamrock is a pale translucent aqua-blue, sparkling with a hint of coordinating hues. Bring it closer to light or change the angle in some cases, and it turns to icy pink.

Te Amo:This shade is a glowing iridescent copper highlight, almost ghostly, despite how photos make it appear. 
 Knickers In A Twist:This shade is a deep taupe with subtle bronze shimmer.
Shenanigans: A rainbow of sparkle fills rich, metallic gold over a dark base.

Sacred: Not gold, this shade is a light, gleaming truely metallic taupe.
Snow Leopard: A soft, deep warm taupe shade that has subtle hues of rose
Evocation (Arcane Magic): Neutral taupe with a highlight that subtly changes from a pale rose/coral to a mint green hue.

When I grow up: This shade is a "glowing" multi-hue lavender. It's not pastel, but a semi-sheer sparkle shade.
Purgatory:Metallic red shines over a black base
Conjurer (Arcane Magic): Rich burgundy-brick shade filled with shimmer that changes from aqua to bright crimson-pink

Madame & Eves (Arcane Magic):  A vivid sparkling teal green on black,move it closer to light or in sunlight, and it morphs to violet then gleaming magenta. 
Callipygian:Vibrant Kelly/emerald green shimmer on black
Boytoy: Varying hues of green sparkle and shimmer on a soft black base. Leans cool

Space Kitty: This shade is a "glowing" pale sherbet orange. It's not pastel, but a semi-sheer sparkle shade.
Red Panda: Shimmery, vibrant red-copper.
Sugar Skulls: Vibrant deep warm pink, with a glimmering orange (not gold!) highlight and shimmer

Rupunzel Had Extensions: Pale pink with a stunning brilliant light gold highlight.
Nijiro: Ivory with rainbow sparkles.
Book Of The Dead: A slightly aged gleaming, spakling beige-gold graced with flashes of sparkle in varying hues. Neutral tone, not yellow

And this is a (very quick!) look i did using "Knickers in a twist","Sugar Skulls" and "Nijiro"

How beautiful are these eyeshadows! My favorites are Te Amo,Dinosaur Plushie and Nijiro,what are you'res?Thankyou so much for stopping by and don't forget to leave you're comments below!