Saturday, 1 September 2012

August Favorites of the month:Maybelline,MAC and NYX!

 Today i thought i would share with you my favorite products that i cant get enough of for the month of August! These are just some products that i have came across recently (or re-discovered) and haven't been able to put down!

 MAC Cream Colour Base in "Hush"- This product is hands down my favorite this month,you can use this little baby for everything! Cream colour bases are meant to be a multi-use product where you can use it on you're eyes,cheeks and lips and i have been doing just that! I have never been a fan of lip and cheek stains because a colour i might wear on my lips is not necessarily a colour i would wear on my cheeks,and i hate the runny-ness of them! Having said that this cream colour base is nothing like that its super creamy and blendable. I have been skipping my blush and highlighter on my cheeks and replacing it with this,also wearing  it on my lips and as a base for my eyeshadow.It has also come everywhere in my kit with me,as it seems to look good on everyone!The colour "Hush" is lightly frosted and is a rose gold colour. Ok, i need to say it again...LOVE this!

MAC Lipstick in "Cherish"- I recently picked this up at Target the same time i got the "Hush" Cream colour base,and i loved the colour but i kind of just thought it was a pretty,but standard nude.I couldnt of been more wrong! This is the best nude lipstick i have ever had! This picture does not do it justice its a satin wear,peachy-rosey-beige-nude. And it does not make me look dead which is a definite plus as thats what the majority of nude lipsticks tend to do to me! This little tip of the lipstick is all thats left in the tube i have used it that much and i will without a doubt be re-purchasing.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in "Pomegranate Punk"-  A few months ago now i got the 10 different colours of the Maybelline colour Tattoo's,i have had time to play with them and im so impressed with them all except one (Painted Purple!!!!) but the standout shade for me is "Pomegranate Punk".This is the prettiest burgundy-cranberry colour ever! I often use it as a base for my eyeshadows,especially to warm up a smokey eye.I find it also works really well layering it with MAC's "Cranberry" eyeshadow.These eyeshadows claim to last  24 hrs,i haven't put that to the test but mine did last all day without creasing.


NYX Super skinny Marker in "Carbon Black"- About halfway through last month i ran out of my L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense which i have used for forever and a day,and rather than buying a new one i decided to use up what i already had and found this eye liner pen.I bought it a couple of months ago and never gave it much of a go,and now im sorry i didnt! This was so cheap (i believe around $5?) and it is such a great quality eyeliner. This would also work great on people who are still getting the hang of liquid liner as its much easier to get a precise line.Its super black,and i have found it to last me all day. In the picture  above the thin line is drawn with the tip of the pen and the thicker line is done using the side of the pen so you can get different effects,it also comes in a thicker version too.

So thats my favorites for August,what are you'res? Have you tried any of these products? Thankyou so much for stopping by,and dont forget to leave you're comments below :)


  1. Nice favourites, I love pomegranate punk! it's always hard for me to figure out my faves for the month since I don't usually have ones that I'll use over again for just one month, if that makes sense :P
    Oh & I still can't wait to buy MAC @ Target, haha.

    1. Thanks ashii! I am a bit the same but lately I have been making a huge effort to use things that I haven't used in a while so that helps with always finding new favorites,and u have to get to a target! I have bought 2 lipsticks and the cream colour base :)


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