Saturday, 12 January 2013

BYS 18 palette

Todays post is a very quick one,but something i HAD to share with you guys! I was recently in Kmart,and found my self in the cosmetics section (do you like how i used the word "found" like it was by accident lol) now im going to be honest,i have never really been a BYS fan. The few products of theirs that i have tried were pretty cheap and nasty so i have never really been compelled to buy more....until now. A palette of theirs caught my eye,i picked it up looked at the colours and put it back down again keeping in mind what i had thought of their other products before.I was just about to leave the cosmetics section when i decided to just bite the bullet and try the palette with the pretty colours....and i am so happy i did! This palette comes with 18 different colours that to me just screams Autumn. The eyeshadows much to my surprise are very good quality and so pigmented! Something else i like about this palette is whist there are no matte shades they aren't overly sparkly or frosted either they have more of a metallic finish so they aren't too over powering when used together. And the best part? This little gem was $7!!!

(sorry about the reflection)

 I was a bit backwards when swatching these i is from right to left in the palette and none of the colours have names.

This palette is definitely my best buy of 2013 so far! What do you guys think of these eyeshadows? Would you like to see a look using them?

Monday, 7 January 2013

Wet n Wild palette: Comfort Zone

Hi pretties! Todays post is the last part of my Wet n Wild 8 pan palette series this featuring the "Comfort Zone" palette. Now this is a great buy for those of you who are neutral gals but want to start experimenting with a bit of colour. This is still a very natural palette but with some very wearable,soft greens. I am already thinking up all of the Autumn looks i can create with this!

There are no names for the colours,these are the top 4 colours in the palette. These 4 are all very soft and pearly,great for highlight shades.

These are the 4 bottom shades in the palette,the one on the far left has stumped me. Whilst it is my favorite colour out of the eight i really cant understand why they used this colour in the palette it would of gone perfect in the purple "Petal Pusher" palette as its more of a purple-cranberry type of colour...

And here is a look i created using these eyeshadows...

I hope you guys liked this little series,i would love to know if there is anything else you would like to see on here i am always open to suggestions :) Have you tried the Comfort Zone palette? 

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Wet n Wild palette: Petal Pusher

Hi pretties,i hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Todays post is part two of the Wet 'n' Wild 8 pan palette series featuring the "Petal Pusher" palette. This palette would have to be my pick of the three,maybe because the colours are beautiful or maybe because i'm obsessed with purple...either way you need this palette in you're life! 

What i love about this palette is there are such a variation of shades both cool and warm to help create tons of different looks.

These eyeshadows dont have names,these are the top 4 colours in the palette.(LOVE the colour on the far right!)

These are the 4 bottom colours in the palette.The 1st and the 3rd colour are very similar except the 3rd colour has more of a cooler,blue-ish tone.

And here is a look i created using this palette...

Are you a purple fan? Have you used these eyeshadows? Share you're thoughts with me :) Thanks for stopping by i appreciate each and every one of you!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Wet n Wild Palette: Blue Had Me At Hello

Hi beauties,i hope you all had a fabulous new years! Today i'm bringing you one of a three part series featuring the Wet 'n' Wild 8 pan palette,today's being "Blue had me at hello". These palettes are such good value (i got mine from ebay for around $8 each) and such good quality,the eyeshadows are so pigmented,are true to tone and last all day. To me the only down side if any,is i wish there were more matt colours but the colours them selves are so pretty they make up for the lack of matt. Something i love about these palettes is they are so versatile with so many different tones you can create anything from a subtle day time look to a dramatic night time look.
"Blue had me at hello"

These colours dont have names,these are the top 4 eyeshadows in the palette.

These are the bottom 4 eyeshadows in the palette.

And here is a fun,bright look i created using these eyeshadows....

Overall i love these eyeshadows they are such good quality and so affordable. Have you tried these eyeshadows before?Let me know you're thoughts and stay tuned because the next post will be featuring the "Petal Pusher" palette :)