Wednesday, 16 May 2012

9 Different Things You Can Do With Pigments

Pigments/loose eye shadow would by far have to be the most versatile beauty product i own! They last forever they are super easy to use and can be used for just about anything! Most company's these days have their version of a "pigment" so you can find them just about anywhere. In the picture to the left is a few of the pigments that i own that are made by different company's to show you the are all quite similar in texture and come in all different price ranges.

Left to right:clear mascara,clear lipgloss,liquid foundation,clear nail polish,moisturizer,eye liner sealer
  In this next picture i have included some different beauty products that can be used as "mixing mediums" which can be mixed with your pigments to create different uses for them,the sky is the limit! So i am going to show you 9 different ways for you to use them and i hope you try some of them out at home!

To start things off i thought i would show you this palette i bought it from "girlee cosmetics" this is what i use alot of the time when im mixing a pigment with something. You dont have to use one of these even a small plate or lid would be fine although if you do decide to buy one i would recommend not spending too much because as you can see it will get trashed!

To create your own lipgloss is very simple,you will need something (like a palette) to mix the lipgloss together on,some clear gloss and a pigment of your choice.All you need to do is dab a little bit of gloss onto whatever you will be mixing it on and add your desired amount of pigment,obviously the more you add the more darker/brighter it will be.You can do this each time you want to create a colour or you can buy some empty acrylic jars off ebay (thats where i got mine i believe they were around $10 for 20 jars) and make a larger amount to keep in the jar as you new personalized lip gloss!

To make your own coloured mascara you will need some clear mascara,the pigment of your choice and something to mix it on (also if you dont want to get pigment on to the mascara wand you can buy individual packs of mascara wands from chemists, supermarkets and beauty whole salers) just empty a small amount of pigment onto the palette and press the mascara wand (with clear mascara on it) into the pigment and hen apply it to your eye lashes!

For this you will only need the pigment of your choice and some moisturizer. Just mix the two together and apply. I use this as a body bronzer using MAC pigment "Old Gold" this is beautiful for a bronzed glow,you can do the same for a "shimmer" usin a lighter pigment. This also works really well on the face to create blush,bronzer or a highlighter,I normally do this by adding a little bit of pigment to a primer or a bit of lip balm.


I only did one nail in this picture but you can still see the effect you can either mix the pigment into a clear nail polish in the bottle but this will only work if the clear polish has the two little silver balls in the bottom to help mix it together or you can use an eye shadow brush to press it over the top of a coloured or clear polished nail just make sure it is still wet when you do and apply a clear top coat of polish. You can also do different designs on your nails using pigments,see my "galaxy nails" tutorial.

For this i normally mix half liquid foundation half moisturizer and i little bit of pigment (i recommend "Naked" by MAC) this will give your foundation a light,dewy glow.

You can do this by mixing a bit of water,eye liner sealer (Napoleon and Le femme both do really great eye liner sealers) or a mixing medium (made by MAC) to the pigment and apply with an eye liner brush.


In this picture i have added a little bit of water to a NYX pigment on a palette the top swatch is with the water added to it the bottom is just the pigment on its own.You can also use a mixing medium made by MAC to do this.

The sky is the limit with his one you can mix together different shades to create your own custom colour.

You can use hair wax,styling cream or gel for this just mix some pigment with your hair product and apply to the hair and onced washed it will come straight out,you can use what ever colour you like! This is also a great idea for mums for something fun to do with their kids hair as its not permanent!


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