Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Charcoal and Green Eyes

I tried something different today,i dont normally wear my eyes this dark on a day-to-day basis but i love this!This look would be really pretty to wear going out or something special as it does take a little bit more time,but i had so much fun playing around with this and trying something new! These colours would look great on green or brown eyes in particular,or where i have used blues and greens you could replace it with any colour!

Products used left to right:"Carbon" by MAC,"Shattered" by Urban Decay,"Lagoon" by NYX,"VooDoo" by BFTE,"Black Bean" eye shadow pencil by NYX,"Perversion" eye pencil by Urban Decay.

-First i started off by applying eye primer all over my top and bottom lid,as we are doing alot of colour on the eyes we dont want it to crease

-Then i used a small eye shadow brush and rubbed it along the tip of the "Black Bean" pencil to coat the brush in the cream shadow,then i did a "V" shape on the outer corner of my eye using the brush,you dont have to be too precise as we are then going to blend it out so there is no line.I then did the same thing around my inner corner. So your eye should be looking very black and smudgy and be able to still see your skin in the middle of the eye lid.

-On the outer corner i used the "Carbon" eye shadow (any really black eye shadow will be fine) and then did a smaller "V" over the top of the other smudged out black which wont be looking as black at this point because we have blended it out,so it should be looking very black in the corner and blending out to a grey-ish colour.

-Then i used "Shattered" over the crease over the top of that black and blended it out to nothing

-After that i went over the top of "Shattered" using "Lagoon",this is the most amazing colour it changes from blue to green to gold in different lighting,so pretty! The reason i went over the top of shattered is because when doing a smokey eye what stops it from looking like a big blob of black is different colours blended through it to give it a "seamless" effect,by adding this colour it just added more dimension.

- Then i wet the tip of an eye shadow brush using water and dipped it into "VooDoo" and pressed it into the centre of the lid,then using a dry brush with the same colour i used that around my tear duct.REMEMBER: When doing looks like this you need to remember to blend,blend,blend to give it that seamless look other wise it will look like a hot mess! 

-Then i used the "perversion" eye liner along the lower lash line,after i did that i dipped a smudge brush into "Shattered" and smudged it along the black liner 

-And lastly i lined my top lash line with liquid liner and applied some red cherry false lashes.

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