Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sigma Paris Palette

The new Sigma Paris palette is here! I was lucky enough to get this for mothers day and it did not dissapoint! The eye shadows are so beautiful,easy to blend and they have fantastic pay-off.If you arnt familiar with the palette "Sigma Beauty" have collaborated with 7 of you tubes most well known beauty guru's (they each have their own eye shadow) to create this little gem. There are so many looks you could do with this palette and something else that surprised me was the blush/highlight colours,they are amazing! I would have to say the highlight shade is the nicest i have used it has quickly become my favorite!Another thing that i love about this palette is the two brushes you get with this an eye shadow brush and a contour/blush brush.
This is the palette open

This is what the palette looks like closed

Eye shadows left to right: Eiffel,Seine, Louvre,Orsay. 
Eye shadows left to right: Elysees,Notre Dame,Triomphe,Versallies
So because i was so excited to get this i decided to do a look using only the colours from the palette :)
-First i applied an eye primer all over my eye lid up to the brow bone,then used the colour "Elysees" on 3/4 on the outer lid.
-Next i used "Notre Dame" on the inner 1/4 of the lid slightly over lapping the darker colour on the rest of the lid.
-Then i used "Seine" on the outer 1/4 of the lid taking the colour up to the crease,and also using the same colour on the outer corner of the lower lash line.
-After that i used the colour "Triomphe" the rest of the way along the lower lash line stopping just before the out side of the tear duct.
-Then i got a blending brush and used "Orsay" around the crease and blended it up,after that i used "Lumiere" which is the highlight shade with the blushes around my tear duct and on my brow bone.
-Lastly i finished up with some liquid liner and mascara.


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