Thursday, 24 May 2012

Glowing eyes

At the moment my lil bubba is teething so it was a crazy night which = No sleep! So today i had dark circles on top of dark circles so i decided this was the perfect look to brighten my eyes up! Its so easy and something you could do for a day to day look,i hope you enjoy it and give it a try!

Products used: "Ammo" palette by Urban Decay,"Pomegranate"  Color tattoo by Maybelline,"Blackened Red" pigment by MAC.

-First apply primer over your entire lid ,then over the top of that apply the "Pomegranate" and smudge it out,with your finger will be fine.
-Then on the outer three quarters of the eye i used the colour "Last Call"(a shimmery cranberry colour) from the palette,and again blended it up over the crease of the eye
-Over the top of the crease i then used the colour "Chopper" (a soft copper colour) on a blending brush and blended it up almost to the brow bone,doing this step is what gives this look a "glowing" look,it warms it up alot.
-Next i lightly applied the same colour to towards the inner part of the eye slightly over lapping the cranberry colour. I did this on the bottom lash line too.
-Then around the tear duct i used the colour "Polyester Bride" (a shimmery sparkly pearl white) and smudged it into the copper shade. 
-Now comes the sparkly part! when ever i use glitter of any sort on my eyes u COULD use MAC fix + but i usually use hair spray....slightly odd but it works a treat! In this case i sprayed a bit of hair spray onto my finger then dabbed it where i wanted it on my eye lid. Then i dipped my brush into the "Blackened Red" glitter (a deep sparkly maroon-ish red) and quickly just dabbed it over where i had put the hairspray.You want to move quick as the hair spray will dry fast.  
-To finish off i used the colour "Oil Slick"(a dark black with silver sparkles) in the outer corner (top and bottom) doing the shape of a "V" and blending it into the cranberry colour. Then i applied my eye liner and mascara and OFCOURSE lol false lashes!

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