Sunday, 6 May 2012

7 Deadly sins!

Out of all the different tags i have seen on different beauty blogs and you tube i would have to say i have enjoyed watching these the most! The tag is in reference to the 7 deadly sins: greed,wrath,gluttony,sloth,pride,lust and envy i had so much fun doing this i hope you enjoy it :)

GREED-What is your most expensive beauty product? What is your most inexpensive?

This is without a doubt my most expensive,my MAC palettes. Each individual colour isnt but as a whole i couldnt go past this! In the palettes the majority of the colours are MAC but there are also some napoleon perdis and urban decay colours.

This one was so easy for me its the NYX sheer tube gloss in "barely there" its not necessarily my most inexpensive(although it would come close) i think it was around $5 i LOVE this its my go-to colour if i dont know what to wear.For me its the perfect nude,so cheap and lasts for hours.I chose this because it is the most inexpensive beauty product that i will always continue to buy.

WRATH-What beauty product do you have a love/hate relationship with?What has been the hardest to find?
   For me this is one in the same. In my opinion Urban Decay has one of the most beautiful, unique,wide range of colours out there,i cant get enough of them! BUT they have so much fall-out! I think its the only thing that lets them down,its not a huge flaw but its enough to drive me insane when i'm in a rush and i have to worry about cleaning up so much fall out....Having said that who am i kidding?I love their pretty eye shadows stop being so lazy Tiarni and just clean up the damn fall-out lol.
Something you should know about me,im a sucker for pretty packaging.....slap some pretty packaging on something and ill buy it.Seriously. Which brings me to the next question,the hardest beauty product to find? For me this is the Alice in wonderland palette by Urban Decay. I was desperate for this but i left it too late and then came the crazy prices.It took me FOREVER until I eventually found one on Amazon that wasn't a completely ridiculous price.I wanted this partly because of the beautiful limited addition eyeshadows but mostly because it was Alice in wonderland and it looked pretty....  

GLUTTONY-What is your most delicious beauty product?

Most defiantly the "Masterpiece" hair spray by "TIGI".This is the most delicious smelling beauty product i own.By far.Iit smells like a sweet fruit juice so yummy! Almost every single persons hair i spray this on in the salon says "that smells so good i want to eat it!"

SLOTH-What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

This is a shameful one for me....its hair treatments.Every single day i say to clients you HAVE to use a treatment in your hair at least once a week! Practice what you preach Tiarni! In my defense i ALWAYS use professional products in my hair its just getting that extra 5 minutes in the shower to put a treatment in that doesn't quite happen....i think i have just found my next new yrs resolouion (and giving up coke zero)

PRIDE-What product gives you more confidence? 

Another easy one-foundation!!!!! I use the Napoleon Perdis stick foundation in "look 4". I love this stuff,like this is the one thing i could not live without! I always feel "done" when i am wearing this its the BEST foundation i have ever used but that's another story...

LUST-What beauty product is a big sex appeal hit for you?

False lashes! This would also be my next answer to the question above,false lashes fix everything!!!!

ENVY-What is the one beauty product you would like to afford one day?

Around Christmas time NARS released a 6 piece blush palette and again i procrastinated and missed out...they are still available on eBay and Amazon but the prices are complete madness! So i will just have to file this one under missed out on but it was so pretty i will have to keep my eyes peeled for more like it!   


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