Saturday, 26 May 2012

Why I LOVE NYX Eyeshadow Pencils!

These pencils are something that if i didn't have them any more i would be at a huge loss....i LOVE them! So today i thought i would do a post on them because i really think they are something worth having,i mean i literally use them all over my face lol.These little babies are so cheap i believe around $4 im pretty sure i own all of the different colours(Geez do you think i like them?) and i have included swatches of them all in this post.
A few different things i use mine for is all over my eye lids when using eye shadow,this intensify's the colour alot more and helps it stay on longer as when you apply eye shadow over the pencil it helps the shadow stick to your lid alot better.I will warn you though you will need to use an eye primer when using these as they will crease.
You can also use these as eye liner (even on your water line) or you can use the colour "Milk" on your water line and then put what ever colour eye shadow you like over the top of that and it will instantly turn into coloured eye liner.
There are some beautiful highlight shades in the range too,you can use them on your brow bone,around your tear duct (which will instantly open up your eyes) or i even use the colour "Sparkle Nude" as a high lighter on my cheek bones just by rubbing a bit on my finger the dabbing it along the tops of my cheeks.So here are the swatches of each colour,i hope this inspires a look using them!
Left to Right:Baby Blue,Pacific,Electric Blue,Peacock,Purple,Cobalt.
Left to Right:Hot Pink,Strawberry Milk,Lavender,Oyster,Purple Velvet.

Left to Right: Cashmere,Sparkle Nude,Yogurt,Bronze,Rust.
Left to Right:Pure Gold,Gold,Sparkle Leopard,French Fries,Iced Mocha.
Left to Right:Horse Raddish,Lime,Cucumber,Rocky Mountain Green,Sparkle Green.

Left to right:Milk (NYX's most popular shade),Cottage Cheese,Pots & Pans.Slate,Dark Brown,Knight,Black Bean.


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