Thursday, 24 May 2012

My Take on Adele's Winged Liner

Adele would have to have the most amazingly beautiful winged eye liner IN THE WORLD! going to give it a go. This is my take on her look,mine will be a little bit different we have different eye shapes,skin tones etc so when you give it a go feel free to mix yours up a little bit too!

-First you want to prime your eye lid to make sure there is no creasing with your eye shadow
-Adele isn't wearing a lot of eye shadow but the reason its there is to define the crease of her eye which is very flattering so you want to take a warm medium brown (depending on skin tone) on a pointed brush and sweep it around the top of your eye socket.
-Then get a light warm brown on a blending brush and blend along where you have just used the darker colour,this will give it a "Shadowy" effect,and make sure to blend it up so there are no lines
-On the actual eye lid i used a sparkly natural pinky colour and just applied that all over the lid and around the tear duct (i have used my coastal scents palette for this look in the "warm" palette,it has beautiful natural tones there is a picture of it in my "MAC VS NYX" post
-At this point your eye should look natural still,just accentuated, something like this:

-Now we are up to the liner! There are so many different techniques for this im going to give you two very simple tips that will help you especially if you haven't done this type of liner before. 
Something i normally do if im doing a very "winged" liner is use a fine tip eye liner pen(i use one by NYX which i think is around $8 or $9) because it has such a fine tip but still eye liner i have alot more precision than with a regular eye liner brush.So i draw very steadily the shape of the wing that i want something like this:

So thats the shape of the wing i want now i just have to go over the top of it with my liquid liner (im using L'Oreal Carbon Black lineur intense)
Also if you dont have a steady hand you could place a small piece of tape at the edge of your eye to make sure you get a straight line.
-When applying the liner try to do short sweeping motions rather than one long line,it will end up crooked this way
-So when starting off at the inner corner start with a very thin line and the further towards the outside you get the thicker you should make it
-Then to finish off the look i used a small eye shadow bush along the bottom lashline very lightly with a smokey grey colour,and then i applied my false lashes starting at the outside of the eye then the inside.
TIP:when applying false lashes let the glue dry 30 secs before you put them on,it makes for a much easier application.
And this is what i came up with! I'd love to see photos if you decide to give this a go!

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