Thursday, 31 May 2012

Colourful Spring Eyes

This look is so fun but not for the faint hearted! This probably isnt something i would wear day to day but its something different!It has such pretty spring colours,it makes me look forward to the warmer months :)
If you dont think you would wear colours like this on your eyes you could replace the pink and lilac for a soft mauve,and the orange with a peachy colour so regardless of how game you are you can still give it a go!

Products used: NYX Pigment in "Geisha",The rest of the colours i used on my eyes were out of the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette,L'Oreal carbon Black lineur intense.

-To start with i used an eye primer all over my entire lid,then i used the colour "Geisha" (it looks red-ish in the pic but its a pretty deep pink) on the outer corner of my eye and taking the outer edge of colour up just over my crease.

-Then i picked a mid-tone lilac and pressed that over the eye lid slightly over lapping the pink

-After that i used a light Mauve towards my inner corner and slightly blending that in with the darker lilac.Then i used a blending brush to go around the edge of colour to blend out any harsh lines.

-Then i used a bright orange along the lower lash line stopping just before the inner corner of the tear duct.

-After that i used a sparkly pale yellow around my inner corner and blended the edge of that into the colours next to it.

-Lastly to finish off i did a thin line of liquid liner on my top lid,this will help the colour pop but you dont want to do it too thick,then i used some mascara and applied some false lashes!

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