Monday, 21 May 2012

Smokey Purple eyes

If i ever want to wear colour on my eyes (which lets face it is almost every day) my go-to colour is purple.I LOVE purple,so thought i would share with you this pretty purple look that i did today,using one of my very fave eye shadows by NYX called "Beanie" <3 it! So i hope you enjoy this look and give it a go!
Products used From left to right:"Hollywood Secrets" by BFTE,"Risky Business" by BFTE,"Within Reason" by BFTE,"Stars 'n' Rockets" by MAC,"Painted Purple" by Maybelline,"Beanie" by NYX.
-First i applied eye primer over the entire lid then over the top of that i used the colour tattoo pot in "painted purple"
-Then over the outer 3/4 of my eye lid i used "Beanie" and blended it up to the crease.
-On the outer corner of my eye (top and bottom) i used "Hollywood Secrets" and blended it up just past the crease.
-Then around my tear duct i used "Within Reason" and blended it to where the colour "Beanie" finshed.
-After that between "Beanie" and "Within Reason" i dabbed a bit of "Risky Business" between the two colours just to blend the colours in better.
-On a large blending brush i used "Stars 'n' Rockets" and took that up to almost the brow bone and blended it out.
-lastly i finished off with some liquid liner and mascara and (of course!) false lashes!

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