Monday, 14 May 2012

Nicki Minaj for O.P.I

Unfortunately i was a little bit late jumping on the Nicki Minaj-for-O.P.I-bandwagon but i'm so happy i did! O.P.I never fail to impress me but these colours are something else! There are 6 colours in the collection but i bought the mini set which has 4 of the colours in it. There is the most unique Acid yellow-green which is my favorite,a deep teal,a pastel pink and the last is a silver and blue glitter polish.So happy i bought these the best nail polishes i have bought for quite some time!
These are the products i used to create the look on my nails in the picture above,seche vite,either a thin paint brush or an old eyeliner brush,a black nail polish and i used from the collection "Fly" (the deep teal) and "Get it on em" (the acid yellow-green).
-First i applied "Fly" to the bottom half of my nails then one that had dried "Get it on em" to the top of the nails,it doesn't matter if they over lap a little bit.
-Then i dipped the eye liner brush in the black polish and (with a fairly steady hand) painted a thin-ish stripe between the two colours
-Lastly i applied a top coat of seche vite,and its as easy as that!

These are the 4 colours in the mini collection (from left to right):Save me ,Fly ,Get it on em ,Pink friday

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