Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Purple ombre nails!!!!!
purple purple purple i love purple!!!!! This is such a pretty look but be warned you may need to test it out a couple of times as you have to move quick! Having said that its very easy to do and you can use whatever gradient colours you like!
You will need: 3-4 gradient colours of nail polish,whatever colours you like
                      a triangle makeup sponge
                      top coat nail polish
                      a cotton tip
                      nail polish remover
Lets get started!i have chosen to use "klean colour" nail polish in the colours:
left to right: fairy lover,lavenbaby,pastel purple

 First lightly soak your sponge in water so it doesnt soak up too much of your polish,then at the tip of the sponge paint a line in the darkest colour of polish then the next darkest and finally the lightest.
Then press the tip of the sponge down onto the nail about 5-6 times,dont worry if it looks smudgey this will help it to look more blended.After the polish is dry i then used (my very favorite!)seche vite as the top coat,this will also help to blend the different colours together.Lastly you will need to use the cotton tip and dab it in nail polish remover as around your nails will be quite messy from the rest of the polish on the sponge  and just wipe off the excess polish around the nails and your finished!!!.I really hope you enjoyed this and leave me your feedback and if you try it with different colours id love to see your results!


  1. Oh wow! So pretty! I love this purple combo <3
    I look forward to see your beauty sins ;)


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