Saturday, 26 May 2012

Naked Eyes


Today i have only used the "Naked" palette by Urban Decay to create this look,which i thought i would follow up after my "Black Smokey Eye" just to show you that you dont have to use black to do a smokey eye,infact you can use any colour you like. I chose this Bronze look for those of you that dont like it to be too dark and a little more natural looking. I love this because its still appropriate for day time and also a little easier to do blending-wise.I hope you have a go at this maybe add a pop of colour to it?!

Products used:Urban Decay "Naked" Palette
Left to right:"Half Baked" 6th one in,"Smog" 7th one in,"Dark horse" 8th one in,"Toasted" 9th one in,"Hustle" 10th one in.

-To start things off i applied an eye primer to my eye lids then on the outer third of my eye in a "V" shape i used  the colour "Dark Horse" (a shimmery dark bronzey-brown) and i blended that up above the crease of my eye,i also used that same colour on the outer corner of my lash line.

-Then i used the colour "Hustle" (a dark browney-plumb) next to the "Dark Horse" slightly over lapping it.

-After that i used the colour "Smog" (a light shimmery bronze) next to the colour "Hustle" again slightly over lapping it,i took that colour just stopping shy of my tear duct and i only did this step on my to lid.

-Then i used the colour "Half Baked" (a true gold) all around my tear duct an along my lower lash line taking it to the darkest colour on the outer edge.

-I then used the colour "Toasted" (a Lighter version of "Hustle") on a blending brush and blended it around my crease taking it up almost to the brow bone.

-Lastly to finish off i lined my water line with the "Zero" (Black) end of the double ended eye liner,i also lined my top lash line with liquid eye liner and mascara

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