Thursday, 3 May 2012

Golden rust eyes
My very fave thing to buy when im buying makeup is different eye shadow colours! Im always on the hunt for beautiful colours as i believe the eyes are where you can be the most creative.So needless to say when i spotted this NYX trio i HAD to get it(the same as when i had to get all of my other 367 eye shadows lol) these beautiful colours remind me of autumn,so so pretty!so i thought i would test it out,this look is so so easy and only using 3 colours (4 if you include the eye shadow base).Firstly these are the products i have used:
-urban decay primer potion
-urban decay cream shadow in "suburbia"
-NYX trio eyeshadow in "golden,rust,bronze"
-urban decay 24/7 eye pencil in "rockstar"
-L'Oreal carbon black lineur intense
-Rimmel sexy curves mascara

To start things off i applied my urban decay primer potion over the entire lid and a little bit underneath

Then just using the applicator i evenly applied urban decay cream shadow in "suburbia" also over the entire lid. Doing this will give the eye shadow something to stick to and also help the colours look warmer and richer.
Next i have taken the middle colour of the trio which is rust (sorry they are not in the packaging i de-potted mine) and patted it almost all over the lid using a sigma E60 brush.
After doing that i use the first colour "golden" using a sigma E46 and apply the colour on the inner corner of my eyes taking it about a quarter of the way in.
Then on the outer corner i have used a sigma E70 brush(please keep in mind you do not have to use these exact brushes its just a guideline) with the last colour "bronze" and almost did the shape of a large "V" . Then i used a large blending brush and blended around the edge of the colours on the top lid.I also got a little bit of the last colour (bronze) on a pointed brush and patted it on the outer corner on the lower lash line.
Lastly i used urban decays eye pencil in "rockstar" (its like a dark plum-ey purple) on my water line and on my top lash line i used my L'Oreal carbon black lineur intense and winged it out a little bit.Then i finished off by coating my lashes (3-4 times) with rimmel sexy curves mascara. i really hope everyone likes this look thanks for watchimg!!!!

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