Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Autumn Metallic Eyes

Ok so maybe i'm a little bit obsessed with Beauty From The Earth?Maybe....Again today i'm using their beautiful eye shadows, i know i have done a few looks with their colours but im still having a play with them! These colours dont look like much when they are in their pots next to each other but blended together on the eye they look amazing! I hope you guys enjoy and try out this look!
Also i know i have mentioned it before but you dont have to use the exact colours or brands that i use its just a guide to give u an idea and thats why i normally add a photo of the eye shadows or describe the colour :)

Products used from left to right: "Hollywood Secrets" by BFTE,"Dew Drop" by BFTE, "Sunset Blvd" by BFTE."Avoid The Mistletoe" by BFTE,"Ying Yang" by BFTE,"Mink" by NYX

-First i applied an eye primer over my entire lid,then using a pointed pencil brush with "Hollywood Secrets" on it i applied that on the outer third of the eye (top and bottom) taking the colour up to the crease and slightly blending it up.
-Then next to that colour and slightly over lapping it i used "Dew Drop".With this same colour i blended that over my crease taking it almost up to the brow bone.
-After that i used "Sunset Blvd" next to the last colour,again slightly over lapping it.
-Then around the tear duct area i used "Avoid the Mistletoe" then slightly blending it out.
-On the very inner corner of my eye i used "Mink" to brighten my eye,i also used the same colour as my brow highlight.
-Then using "Ying Yang" i smudged that along my lower lash line blending it into the inner and outer colours i have already put down.
-lastly i finish off using my liquid liner on the top lid and to finish it off i have used a very thick set of red cherry lashes.

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