Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Teal Eyes (Paris Sigma Palette)

Ok so we all know how much i am loving the new "Sigma Paris Palette",it is to die for. So i have created yet another look using it. I love this kind of eye makeup because its still smokey but has colour in it as well. If you wanted to make it a little more dramatic or more night-time you could replace where i have used the warm bronzey colour with the Black in the palette.

Products used: Sigma "Paris" palette (there are pictures of the palette in previous post's),NYX jumbo pencil in "Peacock" (i hav also pictured and swatched this colour in the "Why i love NYX eye shadow pencils" post), L'Oreal carbon Black lineur intense.

-First off i started as i always do by priming my entire eye lid so the colour sticks and there is no creasing,then i applied the lightest teal colour starting just before my tear duct taking the colour two thirds across my eye lid.

-Next i used the warm chocolate/burgundy colour on a pencil brush and did a "V" shape in the outer corner of my eye taking it above my crease,then also using that same colour on the outer corner of my lower lash line.

-I then lined my lower water liner with the "Peacock" eye pencil then i smudged the colour downwards using a small eye shadow brush.

-Then i used a large eye shadow brush with the dark teal colour on it,and applied it over where i just used the "Peacock" pencil and also in between the light teal and dark colour on the eye lid,this will help to blend the colours better.

-Next i used the golden white colour around my tear duct.

-Then i used the peach blush colour on a blending brush and used that around the colour on the top eye lid and blended it up to almost the brow bone.

-Lastly i finished off with mascara,liquid liner and if you like,false lashes. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this look and give it a go!

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