Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pretty Pastel Nails

I'm sooooooo into pastel colours at the moment i cant get enough of it! So last time i ordered my "kleancolor" nail polishes i went crazy with the pastels! For probably the last 2 weeks i have been wearing over and over again the middle colour "Pastel Purple" its so pretty i just cant even explain it! These nail polishes are beautiful they go on so nicely,dont streak,and put down alot of colour straight away.Believe me when i tell you they are amazing....

These are the colours that i have used from left to right:"Pastel Purple","Pastel Pink","Pastel Orange","Pastel Teal" all Kleancolor and "Sweat Pea" by Australis.
I love these nails i think they look so girly and pretty :) I wasnt however that impressed by the Australis colour,it was very streaky and i had to do quite a few coats so i would probably give that one a miss next time.I hope this inspires you to go pretty and pastel!


  1. Oh wow, these are beautiful! I love pastel colours :)

  2. Yummy nails! Following u on bloglovin now!


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