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The main reason i decided to do this post is because the more that time goes by,the more smaller,indie makeup companies are coming out and even though their products may be cheaper the quality of their products are giving the higher end labels (MAC,Urban Decay,Napoleon) a run for their money.
Sooooo i decided to delve into my stash of eye shadows and see what duplicates i had of the same colours by different labels.I have to tell you i was a little more shocked than i care to admit with how much makeup i had bought by an expensive brand when i had an almost identical one by a cheaper company (NYX,BFTE).
What mainly inspired me to do this is when i have shown you looks on my blog and i have used a MAC product for example i nearly ALWAYS say,"you dont have to use these exact products it really is just a guide" because its true.Yes i do own some expensive makeup but a lot of it i have had for some time and at that particular time i was more than happy to spend ridiculous amounts on makeup....and then came our house and my baby girl and i just cant seem to justify it any more when there is an exact dupe for $20 less....I know for me if i have $100 to spend on makeup i want to get good quality makeup but also a little more than 4 eye shadows lol.
So i hope this helps you and gives you an idea of whats out there rather than doing tons of brands i have kept it simple comparing NYX eye shadows to MAC and Urban Decay,next time ill do one comparing eye shadow/pencil bases.
Top:"Black Tied" by MAC
Middle:"Ceramic" by NYX
Bottom:"Creep" by Urban Decay
Top:"Glamour Check" by MAC
Bottom:"Bronze" by NYX
Top:"Soba" by MAC
Bottom:"Copacabana" by NYX
(This is a beautiful colour to use to blend colours out)

Top:"Buck" by Urban Decay
Bottom:"Braun" by NYX

These are the same colour,the top one just has a little more gold so the camera is picking it up crazy!
Top:"Steamy" by MAC
Bottom:"Ocean" by NYX
Top:"Gulf Stream" by MAC
Bottom:"Hippi Chic" by NYX
Top:"Satellite Dreams" by MAC
Bottom:"Deep Prune" by NYX 

Top:"Half Baked" by urban Decay
Bottom:"Honeycomb" by NYX
Its a little hard to tell in the  swatches these are a dark  Navy  Blue
Top:"Nehru" by MAC
Bottom:"Navy" by NYX

Top:"Bio Green" by MAC
Bottom:"Perpetual" by NYX

These look a little pink in the swatch but they are more of a coral
Top:"Paradisco" by MAC
Bottom:"Tropical" by NYX

Another great alternative if you are just getting into colours or dont want to spend alot of money are the coastal scents palettes i have never been able to not find a colour i need in these little gems and such a bargain!I think they retail around $30 and have 88 colours in each one.

This is the coastal scents "Matte" palette

This is the coastal scents "shimmer" palette,the matte and the shimmer have the same colours in them but the shimmer ones come out surprisingly different 

This is the "Warm" palette

I hope you enjoyed this,one thing in particular i found whilst doing the swatches was how different the textures were! The nyx colours went on way smoother than the others which is a definite positive!
Note:Some of the NYX colours that i used were in the trio palettes but i think they still cost around the same price as one of their single eye shadows.

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  1. I'm always amazed when people find doubles between make up brands because I never spot them haha, but you've found LOADS! x


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