Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Galaxy nails

FINALLY something to use shattered eye shadows for! This was so simple to do! These are the things you will need:
-What ever nail polish you like i used "O.P.I Ink" by O.P.I
-Either some loose eye shadow or a shattered one i used 2 MAC pigments (shimmer moss & golden lemon)
-An orange stick or a paddle pop stick,something you can use to pick up the eye shadow
-A top coat polish that you dont really use any more (as it will get some eye shadow on the brush)
-A towel or tissue as you will most likely spill a bit of the eye shadow.
Lets get started!
First apply your coloured nail polish that you have chosen (its up to you if u want to put on a base coat first) then wait until its tacky,almost dry.
Then grab the orange stick and on the end of it pick up a little bit of the eye shadow (i got a little bit carried away,if you mainly want to see the base colour only grab a tiny bit) and lightly tap it over your nail.
At this point you will have drops of eye shadow on your nails then you want to apply a coat of the top coat nail polish.
If you want to use more than one colour you simply repeat the last step again by doing a light sprinkling of eye shadow and another top coat you can you as many colours as you like!
Lastly when the polish is dry you will need to wash your hands and get rid of the excess eye shadow on your hands.
I hope you give it a go and let me know how it goes and what colours you used together :)


  1. This is such a good idea! Definitely gonna try it out :) xx


    1. Thanks Jen,thats great! they r so easy but so pretty i would love to know how it goes for you :)


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