Monday, 18 June 2012

Sparkly Olive Eyes

Today i thought i would do another everyday-wearable type of eyeshadow.I LOVE this main colour that i have used,its in between a khaki and a gold.It just makes you're eyes pop without being too in-you're-face.I have actually had quite a few of these colours i have been using lately for a while but i do have a tendency to buy something new because i HAVE to have it,put it in my makeup cupboard and then it never see the light of day again because i forget about it....So i am rediscovering alot of new (or not so new lol) things,so if i use anything that i think may of been discontinued i try to let u know if i know of a dupe in that colour incase u want to get you're hands on it.Thanks for stopping by guys,it means the world to me :) I love to read all of you're comments,so please leave one and subscribe!

Products used:Napoleon Perdis China Doll gel liner in "Copper",Napoleon Perdis eyeshadow in #34 (they have re-launched this line so i think that "Chocolate Ganache"  is a good dupe),Girlee Cosmetics eye shadow in "Khaki Green" and "Bliss",NYX jumbo pencil in "Dark Brown"

-First i started by applying eye primer over my lids (i used F.Y...eye by Benefit) then around the entire eye i used the "Dark Brown" pencil and then smudged it up to my crease with my finger (doing this will make it look more blended and no harsh lines)

-Then over the top of that i used the "Khaki Green" except on the very inner corner and i only used this colour on the top lid.

-After that i used the #34 on a blending brush and i blended around the edges of the green to give it a glow-ey look.I also used this colour along my lower lash line,except in the very inner corner.

-Then i used the colour "Bliss" around the inner corner of my eye and then over lapped it with the green a little.

-I then used the "Copper" gel liner on a flat eye liner brush and pressed it down along my water line (my lower lash line) 

-I then finished off with liquid liner and mascara.


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