Friday, 8 June 2012

Graffiti Eyes

This was a look inspired by Urban Decay's "Graffiti" eye shadow in the Deluxe range,it is the most amazing green.There are no words so i have included a picture just to show you how pretty it is! If you aren't feeling brave enough to wear this colour over you're your lid you could try it as liner or try just a little hint of it on you're outer corner but you MUST try it! I will be doing a post on these eye shadows soon i have only good things to say about them so i thought i would share this Amazing-ness with you guys!

Products used: The Paris Palette using the colours "Seine","Louvre","Orsay" and Urban Decay Deluxe eye shadow in "Graffiti",Urban Decay eye pencil in "Perversion"

-First i started off by applying Urban Decays "Primer Potion" over my eye lids.Then i used the "Graffiti" eye shadow on the middle third of my top eye lid and then blended the colour in towards the inner corner of my eye.

-Next to that colour towards my outer corner i used the colour "Louvre" and made a wing shape on the edge of the eye and using a blending brush i blended along the edges to get rid of any harsh lines.

-Then i used "Orsay" in between those last two colours to blend them together.

-After that i used the "Seine" colour on the outer corner.I did a small "V" shape to make a smaller wing but at the same time being careful not to take it up all the way over the "Louvre" colour as this will create a "Fading out" effect.I also used this same colour on the lower lashline taking the colour in to almost the inner corner.

-Then i used the colour "Versailles" (a white-gold shimmery colour) also from the palette around the inner corner just to brighten this look up.

-To finish off i used liquid liner,then i lined my water line with the "Perversion" pencil and mascara and if you like,false lashes! Another Thing that i did which you dont have to do is along some of my eye lashes i used a glitter liquid liner (i dont have any glitter mascaras) and put a little bit of that on the edges of the lashes,it just gives it a bit of sparkle and something fun :)

Thanks for stopping by guys i appreciate it so much! I hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend!

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