Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Metal Eyes

I am one of those insane people who love Autumn and i really even prefer winter to summer...i know Crazy! Dont get me wrong i would rather not freeze my butt off but i just love everything about those months! So yep,you guessed it ANOTHER Autumn inspired eye look lol i love these types of warm colours and they look amazing on everyone :) I will be using today the "Loose Pearl Eyeshadows" today by NYX these are so pretty and have so much colour to them! Again very affordable i believe i bought the full set (30 eye shadows) for about $40 from "Joys Cosmetics" .Thankyou so much for stopping by and i hope this is helpful to you!

Products used: NYX Jumbo eye pencil in "Dark Brown" (There are swatches and info on these in my "why i love NYX jumbo pencils" post)  Loose Pearl Eyeshadows in "Walnut","Rust","Oro"

-First i applied primer over my entire lid,then over the top of that also over the entire lid,top and bottom i applied the "Dark Brown" pencil and smudged it out with my finger taking it up just above the crease.Doing this will provide a rick and warm base for the eye shadows to go on to.

-Next i used a pencil brush with the colou "Walnut" and did a slight wing in the outer corners of my eyes also making a line around the crease/socket of my eye,dont worry if its not perfect because you will then blend all around the Walnut colour to soften the edges.You can also use this colour along you're lower lash line stopping just before the inner corner.

-After that i used the colour "Oro" (this is a rich beautiful gold its so pretty) all around the inner corner of my eye.

-Then i wet an eye shadow brush and dipped it into the colour "Rust" and pressed it into the centre of the eye lid and repeated dabbing it on a couple of times.This is called "Foiling".

-Then just using the same brush with the colour "Walnut" on it i dabbed around the edges of colour either side of the rust this wil just blend the colours better.

-Then i just finished off with liquid liner,mascara and if you like false lashes!

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