Monday, 4 June 2012

My Top 4 Face Brushes!

I decided to do a follow up to my "Top 6 eye brushes" because i truly believe if you are not using brushes to apply your makeup,you are not getting your most perfect application that you could have. Using your hands is what so many girls do but its so wrong! Your fingers soak up and absorb the makeup and when you are blending it into your face and when using yours hands your foundation ends up around the edge of your face which is the exact opposite to where it should be going which is the centre of your face and then blending it outwards.You dont need to buy a brush for every purpose on your face,use the same one for different things!So moral of the story is invest in some good quality brushes! Here are my top 4 that i use on my face every single time i do my makeup.

                                                        FOUNDATION BRUSH-F60

This brush is used to apply primer and foundation. It gives you a completely smooth finish to your foundation,when using this use patting motions not "painting" motions this will result in streaking and you are actually wiping your makeup away if you do this.


I use this for everything! Its great for those hard to reach places around your nose and eyes,i also use it to apply liquid concealer under my eyes.


This is a great multi-tasking brush,its great to apply your powder,bronzer and blush


This is another great multi tasker i use this for contouring,highlighting and blush,the pointed tip is great too,you get a much more precise application especially when contouring!

Thankyou so much for stopping by,i hope this helps you out when choosing makeup brushes!

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