Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dark Sapphire Eyes

Today i have done a look for those of you that like dark eyes.Personally i love this to go out or something like that,its so pretty!For the rest of you're makeup i would keep it simple with a tiny bit of blush and nude lips,that would look amazing! This look doesnt take very long but the one thing you have to do is BLEND! 
I hope you enjoy this and give it a go,Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: NYX eyeshadow in "Baby Blue" and "Blue Eyes",Sigma "Paris" Palette using colours "Eiffel" and "Seine"

-First i started bu applying eye primer over my eye lids,then i used the colour "Eiffel" on a flat eye shadow brush and patted that over 3/4 of my outer top lid and the outer half of the bottom lid.

-Then i used the colour "Seine" over lapping the black.You can over lap as much of the black as you like (doing this will deepen the blue and blend the colours better) i chose to start the blue about half way over my top lid and i over lapped almost all of the black on the bottom lid.

-Next i wet an eye shadow brush and dipped it into the "Blue Eyes" then patted that next to the other blue you have just used,even slightly over lapping it.i did this towards the inner corner of the eye.

-And for the last colour i used "Baby Blue" and applied that around the tear duct.

-I then dipped my blending brush in my regular face powder and blended along all of the edges of the black,i did this until there were no visible lines and the colour just faded out. The reason i used my face powder was its the same colour as my skin and i wanted to keep the black intense without adding anymore colours.

-Then to finish off,i used liquid liner and mascara.

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