Sunday, 10 June 2012

Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadows

I have recently re-discovered my Urban Decay deluxe eye shadows and now i cant put them down! These little gems are so amazing and so pigmented its crazy.They feel like velvet, blend like a dream and ok im not going to lie....i do love the packaging! They did get forgotten for a little while,i put them in a draw in my makeup cupboard and slipped my mind and got lost in the sea of makeup (Except the colour "Ruthless" i use that colour nearly every day,although it doesnt look like much in the pan on the eye it is amazing i even have a back up sitting there for when i run out lol) and now i have found them again!I actually only tried these because someone i did an Urban Decay order with game me a couple to try and i loved them! They are such great value as the pan is HUGE you get so much eye shadow they will last forever! I did get mine off either Ebay or Amazon i cant remember because unfortunately Urban Decay do not ship to Australia and i think they were around $10.00 each?I found with these eye shadows when i wear them the colour seems to last longer,it doesnt fade through out the day and the colours have so much pigment to them so what you see in the pan is what you get. They go on the eye so smoothly and are so easy to blend i honestly cant say enough good things about these lil babies! This is what Urban Decay says about them:

Vibrant, silky, and luscious to-the-touch, Deluxe Shadows feature couture quality, a larger fill, and the richest, most brilliant color imaginable.

Our divine collection of high-tech creamy powder eye color will turn your eyes into opulent works of art. Why "Deluxe"? Definitely incomparable, the creamy formula feels like cashmere, blends beautifully, and delivers an even more intense burst of color than regular Urban Decay Eyeshadows. And, Deluxe hues have an even greater fill weight than our regular Eyeshadows - a generous serving. 

There are actually 12 shades in the collection and the are all just as beautiful as the next! I have included pictures and swatches of the ones i have to show you the size of them and what they look like.

Colours left to right: Shag,Ruthless(Love this! i have hit the pan),Heat,Sting,Underground,Zero,Graffiti,Fishnet,Freakshow. 

This is a picture of the packaging i had to show you,too cute,right? Although it is a little bit random a dinosaur and a robot but still....

Left to right: Ruthless,Underground,Shag,Zero

Left to right:Heat,Sting,Freakshow,Fishnet,Graffiti

I hope this review was useful to you guys thanks for stopping by i appreciate it so much! 

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