Monday, 11 June 2012

Joy's Cosmetics-The Best Place In The World For Make Up Lovers!!!

Today i thought i would share with you where i get most of my makeup from ...Joy's Cosmetics!
 Mainly the reason why i am posting this is because here in Australia it is sooooo hard to find good quality but affordable makeup.You either have your chemist brands or your high end products. Well i have the answer to that problem!Guys you have to check this site out it is A-MA-ZING! She is truly the best seller i have ever dealt with,it normally only takes about a week for my orders to get here (from America to Australia) which is so fast,she offers combined shipping,is so lovely and professional,if you spend $30.00 you will receive free gifts,i honestly just cant say enough wonderful things about this store.When ever i want to buy any makeup i go here first because you get so much for your money with such great value I also think this site is a great option because so many makeup companies in the U.S. dont ship to Australia!The brands that Joys Cosmetics stocks are:
-NYX Cosmetics
-Red cherry lashes
-L.A. Colors
-Duo (lash adhesive)

NYX,Red cherry and Kleancolor are my faves particularly NYX i love this brand yes they are very inexpensive but this does not reflect the quality of their products. I did read the founder of this brand developed it because she wanted to create a makeup line that was affordable but the quality was also there,now it is the fastest growing cosmetic company is the U.S. i did want to talk about this brand a little because not many people in AUS have heard of NYX and it really is such a shame because if you love makeup i PROMISE you will love this brand it has one of the widest range of products out there.
So please please check this store out you will not regret it (although you're bank account might lol) i will post the link below and thankyou so much for stopping by!

Also please note i am not affiliated in any way with "Joys Cosmetics" just sharing something fabulous with you guys :)

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