Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Day-to-Day Makeup Routine & What I Use

Today i thought i would share with you guys what makeup products i use every day and how i apply what.
I always like reading these to see what other people do,because everyone does things differently and its always useful to pick up some tips! Please keep in mind im not saying you have to use these products or do these steps its just what i do and what works for me :) i hope you pick something up from this and thanyou for reading!

Step 1. 
I start off by using the Napoleon Perdis "Skin Renewal Serum".I really like this because i feel like when i put my foundation over the top of this it blends so well and goes on so smooth. Starting off with anything moisture based is good,this will make you're makeup last longer (especially if you have dry skin) ,and go on more smoother and more even. You could even use moisturizer if you like,essentially the only difference in that and face primer is the silicone which helps to level uneven skin texture.  

Step 2.
In one of my first posts i said i would always use the Napoleon foundation stick but i have been using the NYX HD Studio Foundation and i love this! What i like most about this is it is so easy to control the coverage which i like to do depending on my day and it is so affordable! I did find to start with that i would have to retouch it after a few hours but when i changed powders it made the biggest difference as i was only using a very light powder before. When applying this i use a foundation brush and start dabbing the foundation into the centre of the face (This is where you're skin needs the most coverage) and then blending the makeup outwards towards you're hairline and jaw.To finish off i use a damp beauty blender to press the foundation into the "T" section of my face,this makes the makeup appear more even and a more natural look. If you do decide to use a sponge make sure it is damp so it doesnt soak up all of your foundation and wash it after every use because they do harbor bacteria.

Step 3.
I use the Napoleon Perdis Concealer Palette for all of my concealing,the best thing to remember when concealing is when you want to cover a scar,deep circles under you're eyes,or anything that is under the skins surface,you should use a concealer that is one-two shades lighter than your foundation as this will highlight and raise indentations. When you want to conceal a blemish,mole or any raised imperfections (anything thats above the skins surface) you should choose a concealer that is the exact shade or even a half shade darker than you're foundation so it will flatten and minimise . So all you girls out there that love your concealer and are using a lightr one on a raised pimple you are actually drawing attention to it!

Step 4.
This is the MAC "Prep & Prime" finishing powder,i usually use this on a fluffy brush and dust this over the area's i have used concealer on and this sets it in place.I love this its translucent so there is no colour to it,this is also a great product to dust around the eye area if you are having trouble with blending you're eye shadow.

Step 5.
I use this as my face powder it is amazing! Its the "Twin Cake Powder" by NYX,i love this stuff and you only need a tiny bit. I just use this on a kabuki brush over my "T" section,i find when i wear this my makeup lasts all day and has a flawless finish to it.

Step 6.
Bronzer,this would be one of those "if you got stuck on a desert island and could only take X amount of things...." This is the "Matte Bronzer" by NYX and whilst i am a bronzer girl you have to be so careful not to go overboard.
Bronzer should NOT be all over you're face,just the areas the sun would hit like around you're hair line,cheek bones,jaw line and temples if you like. I also like to choose matte bronzers rather than glittery or shimmery ones as they look  more natural,the sparkly ones can look "muddy".

Step 7.
This is a NYX blush in "Peach",this is so pretty it just gives a slight peachy glow to the cheeks.When using blush smile and apply to the apples of you're cheeks,smiling will help you find you're cheek bones and make you're face look more lifted and do wonders for you're bone structure as opposed to when you apply this without smiling so many people put blush below their cheek bones,this just isn't very flattering on the face.
If you like you can also use high lighter on the tops of you're cheek bones, center of the forehead,down the nose and center of you're chin (also if you apply a high light above you're top lip it will make them look fuller) my favorite is "Lumiere" in the Sigma "Paris" Palette.
I hope you got something out of this,and i do apologize for going a bit off track at times lol thank you for stopping by!

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