Friday, 8 June 2012

Purple & Mint Eyes

Ok,i am pretty sure i have said this before but this is one of my favorite looks that i have posted!
Love it. I wore this today on my eyes and got so many complements i will be doing this look again for sure! I did use MAC eye shadows to do this but you dont have to there are plenty of great dupes out there, especially   if you have a coastal scents 88 palette you will have no trouble finding similar colours those things have every colour under the sun! I do understand MAC is expensive especially here in Australia (do not even get me started.Seriously.) and to be honest i do have have alot of those things from my insane faze i was going through where i spent all my money on MAC. Anyhow....moral of the story you can create this same look or any other look that i do using their eye shadows for much less!I hope you guys enjoy this and thanks for stopping by!

Products used: NYX jumbo eye pencil in "Milk" (Best eye shadow base EVER),MAC eye shadows in "Aqua","Aquadisiac","Creme de violet","Stars 'n' Rockets","Purple Haze",Urban Decay eye pencil in "Perversion"

-First i started off by applying Urban Decay's "Primer Potion" over my eye lids then over the top of that i used "Milk".This is a great eye shadow base as it is so white,when using colour over it,it shows up so true to tone and makes the colour pop!

-Then i used "Aqua" all around my inner corner and blended it in towards my eye lid.

-Next i used "Creme De Violet" next to the aqua(on the top and bottom) taking the colour in just stopping about the last third of the eye.

-Then in between those two colours  i used "Aquadisiac" to blend the colour together,this will mean the "Aquadisiac" is over lapping the other two colours but it will look so much more blended.

-Then on the outer corner and making a wing shape i used "Purple Haze" on the top and bottom lid,then i went around the edges with a blending brush.

-After that i used "Stars 'n' Rockets" on a blending brush and went all around the outer edges of the purple this will create a "fading out" effect and give it a glowing look.

-To finish off i lined my top lashline with liquid liner (i used L'Oreal carbon black lineur intense),and lined my water liner with the "Perversion" liner.I also used mascara (Benefit "Bad Gal") and false lashes.


  1. Amazing colors n blending!!

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    1. Thankyou so much! i will check it out for sure :)

  2. This is amazing..I like the color combination..overall a gorgeous look.
    Jon Nelson

    1. aww,how kind of you to say,thankyou it means alot :)

  3. This looks so cute! I love how dramatic the colours look and how they collaborate together :).

    I found you through Mimika's Blog hop :) xx

  4. What a lovely complement thankyou! I love these two colours they are probably my favorite combination :)

  5. Gorgeous! Just found you through Beauty Blog Hop! Followed!

    Follow back?

    Kendall & Tiana

  6. great combination!!
    Found your blog via Mimika's Beauty blog hop and followed xx

    1. thankyou so much :) i just checked out you're blog i am now following back,love the crayola nail polishes!

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  9. Such a bold look I love it :) it helps to inspire my make up looks! Thanks for sharing ! If you have time drop by my blog :)

    Cherry ~~


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