Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Magical Sparkly Eyes!

Hi guys i hope you are all having a fabulous week! I found these photos of a look i did a fair while ago i was going through the 5000 pics i have of my daughter in my phone,they must have gotten lost in the sea of indie lol. I did this before i was even blogging but i loved it so much i took some pictures :) This is so easy to do and only using 3 products! You will notice in the pictures depending on the lighting i am in the colour of the shadow changes its so pretty!I hope you guys enjoy this and try it out,the main colour (the sparkly one) im almost certain it got discontinued but i did some looking around and found there is an exact dupe made by "Sugarpill" called "Dragon Scales". Thanks for dropping by!

Products used: "Fig.1" by MAC, #38 loose dust by Napoleon Perdis,NYX Jumbo pencil in "Dark Brown"
(Not Pictured Urban Decay eye pencil in "Perversion" around entire lash line,Benefit "Bad Gal" Mascara)

-First i started by applying primer over my entire lid,then over the top of that on the top and bottom lids i used the "Dark Brown" pencil smudging it out on the edges taking the colour up to the crease of the eye.

-Next,over the whole lot of that dark brown i used the #38 colour covering the entire eye,top and bottom.

-Then all around of the edges of the colour on the top lid i used on a blending brush "Fig.1" to give it a shadowy-purple look.

-Then i lined completely around my lash line with the "Perversion" pencil then smudged the edges out with a smudge brush.

-Lastly i applied mascara and if you like,false lashes!


  1. You have stunning eyes!

    Now following!

    Hope you check out my blog

    Gem :)


    1. Thanks gem! i checked out ur blog its fantastic u should be proud :) xxx


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