Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Forest Green Eyes

I thought i would do a post on how you can accentuate your eye colour and trust me this is so easy to do! To accentuate your eye colour you can either go the exact opposite to the colour of you're eye eg: if you have blue eyes peaches/coppers/oranges will make them stand out like crazy same as if you use blue eye shadow with blue eyes the same rule applies. My eyes are a funny grey colour with a tiny bit of green,and you can see how green they look using green eye shadow (they would also stand out alot more with purples) so something for you to try out tomorrow! Have a play around too and see what tones/colours suit you're eyes it is amazing the difference it can make :)

From top to bottom:MAC Eyeshadows "Cool Heat","Juxt","Bio Green","Humid","Plumage" NYX Jumbo pencil in "Sparkle Green"

-To start off with i applied eye primer over my entire eye lid(Urban Decay "Primer Potion"),then on the outer half of my top and bottom lids i used the "Sparkle Green" pencil,then i smudged it out with my finger taking it to the crease.

-Next on the top eye lid in the outer corner i used "Plumage" (a very deep matte green) and winged it out a little bit and the blended around the edges taking it up just above the crease.

-Then on the bottom outer two-thirds of the lash line i used "Cool Heat"(A shimmery teal-blue) on a smudge brush so i get a soft-smudgey line.

-Next in the center of the eye lid i used "Humid" (a sparkly moss green) slightly overlapping the "Plumage"to blend the colours together.

-Then i used "Bio Green" (Shimmery lime green) next to the "Humid" again over lapping the edge of the colour to help it blend. i stopped just before around the tear duct.

-After that i used "Juxt" (a very light sparkly green) all around the tear duct and blended it into the colours  on either side of it. I also used the "Juxt" on a blending brush and went all around the edge of the colours the create a fading out effect.

-Lastly to finish i lined my water line again using the "Sparkle Green" and my top lash line using liquid liner (L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense) and mascara (Benefit Bad Gal)


  1. Your looks are gorgeous. I love them. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now going to join yours too


    1. Thanks Madiha,i appreciate that complement so much :)


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