Thursday, 21 June 2012

Copper Eyes

Hi everyone,i hope you are all having a fabulous week! Today i have done a simple look only using 3 colours  and its so easy to do! I love using coppers and warmer tones in winter to just brighten things up a little bit.The main colours that i used today are NYX pigments,i love these! They are such good quality and put down so much colour,one coat of eye shadow and you are done,i love that you don't have to keep building it up!I hope you enjoy this and give it a go :) Thanks for stopping by guys please comment i love reading them and subscribe!

Products used: NYX pigments in "Exquisite" and "Nymph",MAC eyeshadow in "Deep Damson"

-First i started by applying eye primer over my eye lids,then i used the "Exquisite" (a shimmery dark copper) on a pencil brush and i raced around my crease almost in a windshield wiper motions.I did this from the very outer corner to the inner corner.I also took this colour around my bottom lash line.

-Then i blended around the edges of that with a blending brush.

-After that i used the "Nymph" (a dark gold) on a flat eye shadow brush and i patted this down along my eye lid,so the copper is peeping up over the top of it.I took this colour in to the very inner corner of my eye.

-I then used the "Deep Damson"(a dark plumb) on the outer corner,not too much because i didn't want to turn this into a dark look but you could make it darker if you like.

-Then to finish off i applied my liquid liner and mascara.


  1. What a gorgeous look! :)

    I've never tried any NYX products. Maybe I should give them a go.

    Laura xx

    1. Thanks Laura! personally i love them! i have been using them for about 2 yrs or so,i was pretty skeptical because they are so cheap lol but i truly love them.Please let me know how you go,or if you would like me to do a review of anything in particular :)

  2. This looks very natural and pretty! I use elf eye shadows but I will be looking for NYX products next time I am out shopping. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Amiee! i am the opposite lol i have never tried elf but i do love NYX! I f i had to pic two things i would say the eye shadow trio's and the jumbo eye pencils :)


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