Thursday, 21 June 2012

Braided Nails!

I thought today i would try something new out! I seen something similar on Pinterest but i forgot to pin it and it was gone forever so i was very annoyed at myself and then  i just decided to wing it and do something like it and its so simple,i only did a feature nail but if you have a bit of time on you're hands you could do the whole lot :) im not too sure if this is like the picture but i do like how it turned out! Basically all you need is 3 different colour nail polishes (and a top coat) i used a lilac,teal and a gunmetal colour but its up to you.And all you have to do is alternate between the 3 colours (one of which you have painted as a base colour)criss-crossing the colours over till you reach the tip of the nail! I hope you enjoy this and give it a go!

And this is the finished result! Thanks for stopping by,please comment and subscribe i love to hear from you!


  1. I looovee this! Gonna try it out for myself :) xx

    1. You should for sure Jen! It looks pretty but it's actually really easy! I'd love to know how u go with it :)


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