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Fyrinnae Cosmetics:Why You MUST Check It Out!

Hi everyone! Today i thought i would share with you what i got from "Fyrinnae" cosmetics and tell you a little bit about them! First of all i am sooooo happy i found this company they are fabulous! I first found them just by referral from other beauty bloggers,and i just kept hearing such wonderful things so i had to give them a go! I got 20 mini eyeshadows,a highlight colour and "Pixie Hypoxy". They do mini versions of there eyeshadows which i think is such a great idea they are only $2 each and you get a very generous amount of eyeshadow.I got mini versions for the reason i could try more colours to see what i like and then if i really like a colour i can get the full size (which i think is around $5). For this order i got more statement colours,then next time i can get more naturals.Something else i am so impressed with is the highlight colour! As you may of read in one of my post's about the sigma "Paris" palette i loved the highlight colour in that but i have found my new favorite! i will post a swatch of it below but it is so pretty its a champagne-ish colour and just has a slight sheen instead of lotts of glitter,im not a fan of that on my cheeks. The last thing was the "Pixie Hypoxy" which was what i originally went on to the site to get.This is almost like an adhesive for loose eyeshadows and gives the colours a richer,foiled look and if you are a fan of glitter it stops the fallout. I also got free postage with my order and they are 100% cruelty free if that is something you look out for in a cosmetic company. One more thing before i show you the swatches,these colours where so hard to photograph! I almost didnt do swatches because the pictures just dont do the colours justice. That is probably the biggest thing i have noticed about these colours and what makes them so beautiful is there are just so many different levels and reflects of colour so no single picture can capture that but i did my best! I will put a * next to my favorites and i have applied all of the colours over "Pixie Hypoxie" and i did get some of the colour descriptions from the "fyrinnae" site 

"Alchemist's Curse"-This shadow is pink sparkle on black but under different angles and lighting it becomes a vivid gold to green.  "Wicked"*-Deep dark purple with turquoise shimmer

"Are you my mummy?"-a vibrant gleaming Emerald Green then at another angle or light it turns to a deep pink almost maroon colour. "Sorceress"-This is a soft black shadow that changes from a brilliant aqua to a cool vibrant pink again depending on the angle/lighting.

"Fire & Ice"-Varying hues of pink and purple on black. "Monarch Butterfly"-Deep black with hues of reddish copper shimmer.

"Faerie Glamour"-Semi-matte violet base with an aqua shimmer that changes to a bright purple pink depending on the angle/light. "Lorem Ipsum"-Deep shimmery blue enhanced with lime green sparkle.

"Hyper Cool"*-Brilliant turquoise shimmer on black. "Tyr"-this is a chartreuse on black. 

"Imortality"*-a rainbow of sparkle in soft black. "Bastet"-Deep velvety black filled with gold sparkle

"Meerkat"*-vibrant pink-purple with gold shimmer and sparkle. "Freya"*-Glowing warm purple with black.

"Tapir"*-A lush,deep,ruddy maroon. "Velvet Vampire"-this is a complex deep reddish hue with cool crimson and fiery red with gold shimmer. "Sake & Sashimi"-rich shimmering warm brown with a slight golden shimmer and flashes of green.

"Crimson ghost"*-the next three colours are "Ghost" colours,when applied over other bases they become a totally different colour. A satin-ey ivory pink in the jar but once applied it has a soft glow of light red shimmer in varying hues. on the right is applied over NYX's "Black Bean" pencil and on the left is on its own.

 "Winter Again"-Semi sheer white with soft blue and turquoise shimmer. Looks very pale in the jar but once applied can give a ethereal aqua-blue glow,especially when applied wet. on the right is applied over "Black Bean" on the left is on its own.

 "Jade ghost"-Satin-ey pale white green in the jar but once applied it has an iridescent glow of light green shimmer and a tough of sparkle.on the right is applied over "Black Bean" pencil on the left is on its own.

 This is the "Pixie Hypoxy"

This is a swatch of the highlight shade,the colour is "Center stage"

Lastly i have (very quickly) done 2 looks using some of the colours!
Colours used:Wicked,Faerie glamour,winter again

Colours used:Velvet vampire,Sake & Sashimi

Thankyou so much everyone for stopping by i hope you enjoyed this post (sorry it got so long!) and please let me know what you think! Have you tried any "Fyrinnae" products? Did you like them?I will post the link below for their fabulous site and dont forget to subscribe :)


  1. I love fyrinnae a lot also!!!!!

    1. I am so happy with them I honestly can't fault them I can't wait to do another order with them!

  2. wow these look amazing! i love your blog too =)

    1. aww,thankyou! they are so amazing and trust me they are 1000 times better in person i am so happy with everything i got :)


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