Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My 2 Favorite Beauty Products At The Moment!

Hi guys,i hope you are all having a fabulous week! I have to apologize for very few posts lately,i have started a new job and my lil baby girl has been sick so for lack of a better word life has been crazy at the moment!  Today i thought i would share with you my 2 very favorite-cant-live-without beauty items at the moment! Get ready to have you're mind blown because these will change you're life.Seriously.

Keune "Volume Powder"- I am obsessed with this at the moment i am using it on EVERYBODY! This is a powder that  goes into you're hair and it does 3 things:
-when applied throughout the hair it gives a crazy amount of volume,especially when applied to the roots.
-when used on the roots soaks up any oil in you're hair,acting as a dry shampoo.
-creates so much texture,better than any wax and can be used in any length!
I love this because i actually have very fine hair thats straight so without lots of product to boost it up it goes flat as a pancake...then when i put the product in it weighs my hair down and again goes flat.And then i found this little baby! It has the same styling effects as wax (but better) but without the weight of it,has hold and gives so much volume! And for those of you with long hair i would use this either on the root area to give volume or through the ends of you're hair if you lightly curl it and add some powder it will give you're hair a tousled beachy look.There are so many different company's that make this powder and after trying a few different types they all seem to do the same thing so dont feel like you have to get any particular brand...You MUST try this!

Beauty Blender Replica-I'm not sure if any of you have ever tried the beauty blender but in a nut-shell it was designed by makeup artist "Rea Ann Silva" to give the perfect finish to you're makeup without any streakiness and the unique shape is to help you get into the hard to reach places like around you're eyes and nose. I first read about this a couple of years ago and i always wanted to try it but i have never been overly keen on sponges and it retails for something like $30.I was not going to spend that on a freakin sponge! Then not too long ago i seen one advertised on ebay as a replica of the beauty blender for $2! I ended up buying it mainly to satisfy my curiosity and to be honest i really dont know if it is like the original Beauty Blender but i love this!!! I thought i would revert back to my favorite sigma foundation brush but i am so impressed with this.I have had so many complements lately about how flawless my skin looks and this is the reason.I even use this to apply my concealer now too.I normally wet the sponge first so it doesnt soak up my foundation,then i apply it to my face in a bouncing motion (stippling) i find this gives me the most smoothest,blended finish.I also always wash the sponge in baby shampoo after i have used it so there is no bacteria. I highly recommend this and for $2 what a bargain!

So thats my must-haves for the moment,have you tried either of these things?What did you think?
Thanks for stopping by!

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