Friday, 6 July 2012

My Favorite Nail Polishes At The Moment

Hi everyone,I hope you are all enjoying you're week! Today i decided to do a post about the kinds of nail polishes i am using at the moment.In my case i will use 3-4 colours TO DEATH for like 6 weeks then use completely different colours  and start a new nail polish-cycle. 3 out of the 4 are dark-ish colours and then there is a pretty pastel purple for my girly days lol I hope you like these,it may even give you some inspiration for you're next nail polish purchase! If you have any questions about any of the colours or any recommendations for other colours you like id love to hear you're thoughts so please leave you're comments below!

Left to right:Kleancolour "Pastel Purple",China Glaze "Avalanche",Kleancolour "Retro Green",Kleancolour "Mud Pie"

"Pastel Purple"-I love love this every single time i wear it i get so many complements and people asking me what colour it is! This colour has no shimmer or sparkle to it and i found even doing one coat was enough (i always do 2 though) I cannot get enough of Kleancolour nail polishes they apply so evenly,with lots of colour and no streakiness,do not chip and are so affordable,they have quickly becom my favorite nail polish brand!

"Avalanche"-To be completely honest im not crazy about China Glaze's formula with their polishes but they have such pretty colours so i continue to buy them..."Avalanche" was not easy to apply it was very streaky so i had to apply a few coats but it has made my favorites for a reason...this colour is stunning! To me this is a mix between a dark silver and a gunmetal colour its so pretty,and i also found it held up ok without chipping.

"Retro Green"-I have picked 3 out of 4 Kleancolour nail polishes as my favorites and with good reason,i love these lil babies! I am seriously running out of this colour i have used it that much! I love this because i usually favor dark nail polishes and this one almost looks black but its actually a deep green,and in some lights almost blue-ish it seems to almost change colour. It actually reminds me of that really stylish mood ring i had when i was in primary school lol nice...

"Mud Pie"-And last but not least my very fave! This nail polish is to die for...the photo does it no justice. Its actually like a glittery-chocolate-bronze with chunks of black glitter through it.Yep,it is even more amazing than it sounds!It takes about an hour to remove because of all that glitter but it is well worth it!

Well thats my favorite nail polishes for the time being i hope you enjoyed this, thankyou for stopping by and dont forget to subscribe!

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