Monday, 23 July 2012

Coral & Blue Eyes

Hi everyone! I hope the start to you're week has been kind to you,mine has been CRAZY! The last couple of days one of my friends who i also work with and i have been doing an intense "Keune" colour course. It was amazing and we learned so much and got to do lots of fun things but for the last 72 hrs i have been living,eating,breathing hair colour so makeup is a welcome change!
Todays EOTD feels very summery,and if you wanted you could add more of the coral and less of the blue but i love it this way (we all know i love a smokey eye!)
I hope you enjoy this and try it out!

Products used: BFTE eyeshadow in "Beautiful",MAC eyeshadows in "Paradisco","Purple Haze","Climate Blue",NYX eyeshadow in "Team Spirit",Napoleon Perdis china doll gel liner in "Copper"

-First i started by applying eye primer over my eye lids,then using "Climate Blue" on a pencil brush i traced around my crease stopping just before the inner part of my eye. I also winged it out a little bit on the outer edge of my eye.Dont worry if you're edges dont look perfect you will blend them out later.

-Next i used the "Purple Haze" on a flat eye shadow brush and applied that on the outer corner of my eye overlapping slightly the "climate blue".I stopped in the center of the eye lid (top and bottom)

 -After that i used "Paradisco" on a flat eye shadow brush and applied the colour in the center of the eye lid,it doesn't matter if you put  bit of the colour over the top of the purple.I took the coral colour in to almost the inner corner of the eye.

-I then used "Team Spirit" on a small blending brush and blended around where the blue colour is. I also used "Beautiful" on a small eye shadow brush and used that round the inner corner of my eye.

 -Lastly to finish off i applied liquid liner t my top lashline,and on a flat eye liner brush i used the "Copper" gel liner on my water line.I also used mascara and false lashes!

I hope you guys like this look! If you have any questions or requests dont forget to comment :)


  1. Oooh this is gorgeous! I love that purple crease color. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on a matte smokey eye? Thanks! =)

    1. Thankyou so much! Purple haze is gorgeous,to me it's a true purple! Of course I can I would be happy to any particular colour?


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