Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Crimson Ghost Eyes

Hi guys i hope you are all having a fantastic week ,mine is going very quickly! Today i decided to use my Fyrinnae eyeshadows (yes,i have fallen in love with them!) to do this dusty-crimson-rose look which i think is so pretty! The main colour that i have used is the "Crimson Ghost",one of their ghost shades that work best being applied over other colours,so far i find that a black base works best.I hope you like the look and please tell me what you think i love to hear from you!

Products used: Fyrinnae "Pixie Hypoxy",NYX jumbo eye pencil in "Black Bean",Fyrinnae eyeshadows "Crimson Ghost","Meerkat","Tapir","Fire & Ice" (For full descriptions of these colours see my last post )

-To start with i applyed eye primer over my entire eye lids,then also around my entire eye i applied the "Black Bean" pencil,just with my finger around my whole eye.I then went around the edge of the black with my finger to soften the edges.It does look scary at this point but it will get better i promise :)

 -Next i applied over the top of the black the "Pixie Hypoxie".This acts almost as a glue for the colour we are about to put on next,it makes it last longer and the colour more intense.I then took the "Crimson Ghost" on an eyeshadow brush and applied it to the center of the eyelid about a center meter wide.

-After that i used the colour "Tapir" and applied the colour everywhere the black is,it doesnt matter if any gets on the "Crimson Ghost" colour.
Then i used the "Meerkat" on a small eye shadow brush and applied it either side of the "Crimson Ghost" to blend the colour into the "Tapir".

-Next i went around the edges with a blending brush to soften them and make the colour look like its fading out.

-Lastly i applied liner to my top lashline by wetting an eyeliner brush and dipping it into the "Fire & Ice" colour and using that.I also used mascara and applied false lashes....and this is the finished result! what do you think?

This is how it looked all finished i used on my cheeks:
NYX blush in "Peach"
                        Fyrinnae highlight in "Centre Stage"

And on my lips i used:
NYX sheer tube gloss in "Barely There"

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  1. so pretty!

  2. The look is chic and stunning!

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    1. Thankyou very much,what a lovely complement :)

  3. This is just stunning. I love it! It looks great on you as a whole look with your hair and your color eyes. Very nice! =)


    1. Thankyou so much! I really appreciate that! I love these colours they are so wearable and I got so many complements! U should give them a try :)


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