Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Velvet Vampire Eyes

Hi girls, I hope you are all having a fabulous start to the week!I have to apologize for going so long between posts,i have had the flu and you just did not need to see my face like that,not cute...
  Today i have done a look based around a Fyrinnae eyeshadow called "Velvet Vampire".I love this colour its like a crimson colour but has hints of pink and gold in it.Love love love.I hope you like this and try it out and remember,you dont need to use these exact colours its just a guide :)

Products used: NYX eyeshadow in "Dark Brown",MAC eyeshadow in "Deep Damson",Fyrinnae eyeshadows in "Velvet Vampire" and "Crimson Ghost" and MAC eyeshadow in "Cranberry"

-First i started off by applying eye primer over my eye lids,then on a flat eyeshadow brush i patted down "Velvet Vampire" in the middle of my eye lids (top and bottom)

-Next i used "Dark Brown" on a pencil brush and i applied that in both the inner and outer corners of my eye.Dont worry if its not 100% neat we will be blending around the edges later.

-After that on a pencil brush i used "Deep Damson" and i put that down over the "Dark Brown" and also over the crease to join that colour together.

-I then used "Cranberry" on a blending brush and went around the edges so there were no harsh lines.I also used "Crimson Ghost" on a small eye shadow brush around the inner corner of my eye to brighten the look up a bit.

-Lastly i used liquid liner on my top lashline,and also mascara and false lashes!


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  1. Oooh absolutely beautiful. I love coppery/red eyeshadows. I love the name you gave it too! I like that effect you created by putting the lighter color in the middle =)


    1. Thanks! It's so easy to do u should give it a go :)

  2. Such a beautiful look! Your eyes are gorgeous!

    1. Thankyou so much,what a lovely complement :)

  3. SO gorgeous! I love the colours & application of them!

    1. Thanks Ashii! I love these types of colours :)


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