Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Femme Fatale Order Round 2

Hi guys,first of all do any of you watch pretty little liars? Some may say i am obsessed,i just look at myself as a dedicated fan....In my opinion this is the best TV series/book series. Ever. Anyways this post was meant to go up yesterday but i got sidetracked watching the last episode before the show goes on hiatus for a while  and let me just say WHAT THE? Do any of you watch it? The ending was so epic,i just dont know what to do with myself...What are you're thoughts were u literally as blown away as i was?
So while i get myself together i am going to share with you my 2nd order that i have received from Femme Fatale cosmetics.I was so impressed with the eyeshadows i received in my first order i was quick to place another one this time adding a nail polish to the mix!

Nail polish in "A Tisket,A Tasket"-A tisket, a tasket is a semi-opaque white polish with green shimmers and various glitter in pink, teal and green.

Time Lost-  It is a buttery smooth mid range brown with warm tones and a satin finish.
Rampage-   It has a vivid copper red shimmer over a burnt umber base, and is quite pigmented.

Cosmic Power-  this is a delicate rose peach with violet duochrome
Heroic- It is a soft copper-tinged peach based shadow, highlighted by an incredible golden shimmer. In the jar it leans more copper-peach, but once applied the golden finish really pops out, leaving it with a soft peach gold look

Illusions- It is a brown based shade with a hint of auburn undertones, and teal duochrome finish
Lady Of The Red-   It is a black based shade filled with red shimmers and sparks 

Misdirection-  It is an emerald green with mossy green tones over a dark base, and is complimented by a subtle scattering of copper sparkles.
 Temporal Shift- It is a black based shade with striking golden duochrome that almost looks green

Dispersion- It is a deep mulberry with bold teal blue shimmer
Fire Opal- It is a sheer white with strong copper orange shimmer and sparkles

Emerald Dream-  It is a bright paris green bordering on teal with a very subtle golden green shine.
The Dreamer- It is a striking blend of olive green and metallic apple green.

And these are the samples i was sent
Bloods shadow-It is a black based shade full of gold, blue and pink sparkles
Flare-  It is an intense scarlet with a hint of coral, highlight by a heavy green gold duochrome. 
Crimson Fury-  It is a deep red-violet base with purple tones and a blue duochrome shine
Amber Eyes-It is a very pale coral with peach and pink tones, and a subtle green finish

That is everything i picked up what do you think? My favorites are Dispersion,Illusions and Lady of the red what are you'res? Thankyou so much for stopping by and dont for get to leave you're comments below!

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