Monday, 13 August 2012

What Products I'm Using In My Hair...

Hi guys! Today i thought i would do a post on what products i use in my hair and how i use them as i seem to get so many questions about my hair so hopefully this answers some of them!
I use "Keune" products in my hair which i love,and they are salon products.I know for alot of you it can be hard to justify spending extra money on salon products but it is well worth it and i think the trick is instead of being bombarded with 10 different products try and get products that you can use for more than one purpose....ok i am confusing even myself now,on with it Tiarni lol

Keune Vital Nutrition Shampoo: I normally shampoo my hair every 3 days using this shampoo.It is designed to dramatically improve the health and strength of you're hair,so for anyone who has dry,bleached or damaged hair. I love this it puts so much shine back into my hair and even though i have short dark hair i still put my hair through the ringer straightening and colouring the heck out of it!

Keune Vital Nutrition Conditioner: This conditioner is divine! Again,i feel like it repairs and gives my hair so much shine but without weighing it down! They are also very "Fresh" smelling so its not over bearing either.Although i do love this conditioner when i run out of it i will be upping the ante instead using the treatment mask in this range as i have just bleached and coloured my hair and will be needing to use something a bit heavier.

Keune Root Volumizer:This is a mousse-ish spray that i just spray onto my root area to give extra lift,my hair is flat as a pancake and i need all the help i can get! I dont find this sticky or cruchy at all and it has fantastic hold. I also find i dont need to use heaps of this just a few squirts through the top f my head and i just rub it through the rest of my hair.

Keune Blend Powder: I have mentioned this product before,this is my very favorite! This lil baby does everything from giving HEAPS of volume,so much texture and also has replaced my dry shampoo as this is a powder and soaks up any oil in the hair.I cant say enough great things about this product i use it on almost everyone in the salon,even for girls with long hair they no longer need to tease the roots to get lots of body just a bit of this powder will do the trick!

Keune Pure Moroccan Oil: Im sure almost all of you have used or heard of different variations of this product and it is fabulous! What i have learned quite recently though is that alot of companies including a huge one are selling different types of this product and are adding a ingredients called : Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Cylomethicone.These are no good on you're hair.They will create a silicon build up that will weigh you're hair down,stop you're colours working as they create a barrier on the hair shaft that hair colour cant properly break through and the oil is meant to be repairing you're hair where as if there is silicon in it,its just putting a coat on it,not actually fixing the problem.So thats my rant for the day lol you pretty much just want to look out for the purest version of Argan oil you can find.
I use my oil before i blow-dry my hair,when my hair is dry to make it shiny and to smooth it,and i also add some to my hair treatment to make it more intense,it works a treat!

Whats you're hair care routine?Thankyou for stopping by and dont forget if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave you're comments below :)


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