Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Simple Everyday Eye Makeup Routine

 Hi everyone! I thought i would do a bit of a different post today showing you how i do my eye makeup day-to-day,especially when i am in a mad rush trying to get out the door! 
Mornings are hard for me,as they are any other mum so i dont have a great deal of time to get myself ready.So when it comes to makeup that gets placed waaaaaaay down the bottom of my priorities list but with my job (a hairdresser) i cant just bounce into work with my hair in a pony tail and no makeup on,there has to be a degree of effort put into my appearance lol.
Since i have had indie i have mastered the art of getting my makeup completely finished in 5 mins flat (which i think is an accomplishment in itself) and that is eyeshadow and everything.Eyeshadow is something that i always wear everyday,i feel naked if i dont! So todays look is showing you how i wear my eye's pretty much most days,its super quick and easy but still looks like you have put more time and effort in than what you actually have.The eyeshadows that i have used aren't ones that i use every single time,but i do gravitate towards very similar tones (nearly always warm) and colours.I hope you enjoy this,it may even help you cut down you're day to day makeup time!

Rroducts used: BFTE eyeshadow in "Truffle",Femme Fatale eyeshadows in "Inscribe","Incantation" and "Heroic"

-To start with i used a blending brush with "Truffle" on it and i just blended around the crease area,this is flattering on everyone and takes no time at all.

-Next i used "Inscribe" on a flat eyeshadow brush.I applied the colour nearly all over the top and bottom lids except the outer and inner corners.

-After that i used "Incantation" on a pencil brush and i just blended the colour in around the outer corner of my eye (dont worry if the edges are messy as a time saver we will do that all at the end)

-Then on a small eyeshadow brush i used "Heroic" and just applied that colour around the inner corner of my eye.After that just using a bit of translucent powder on a blending brush,blend around any edges that need  cleaning up.

 -Lastly i lined my lashline with liquid liner and applied my mascara.

I hope you liked this look and thankyou for stopping by!


  1. Your eyes look lovely, and 5 minutes is bloody quick - haha!


    1. It is so quick,Quite an accomplishment! Thanks Sophie :)

  2. this is a really pretty look!


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