Tuesday, 7 August 2012

MAC at Target Say Whaaaaat?!

For those of you that live in Australia know how crazy the prices are to buy MAC here.Seriously,it is INSANE! Probably what is the most frustrating thing though is that in USA a MAC eye shadow is around $11 (for a refill pan) here they are $33 which is crazy,i mean who wants to pay nearly $70 for two eye shadows? BUT....my sources tell me (and by sources i mean the Target catalogue lol) that as of Thursday this week MAC is coming to Target! I thought i would share this with those of you that dont already know,i would just die if i hadn't found out about this (seriously).  I don't believe they have the whole range but the prices are nearly half price which is music to my ears!
These are the prices:
Studio fix powder plus foundation:   
Normally $49  Target price $29

Powder blush:
Normally $41 Target price $24

Normally $35 Target Price $21

Eye kohl pencil:
Normally $32 Target price $19

Normally $36 Target Price $21

Normally $33 Target price $19

So there you have it girls,some very exciting news!Have you heard about this?If so what are you're thoughts? Thanks for stopping by and checking out my lil makeup space :)


  1. I seen this in the catalogue too! I have to say this is great news who doesnt want to save money on MAC :)

  2. WOW! I can't believe the price y'all have to pay for MAC. That is beyond crazy!!

    1. Oh my gosh don't even get me started lol it is crazy! We pretty much have to buy everything on line here for decent prices...

  3. wowie I wish I lived in the city and didn't just have target country :( hahah.
    DAMNN it won't be ages before I'll be able to go to one again, but those prices sound amazing!! thanks for sharing :) I only just paid the $$$ prices not long ago so I didn't get to buy much :/

    1. i do know the feeling,i live in the country to although we atleast have a target! the prices are still no where near as good as America but have improved alot! i checked it out the other day and there is a fairly wide variety too :)


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