Monday, 27 August 2012

Another look using Femme Fatale Eyeshadows...

Today I thought I would do another look using my Femme Fatale Eyeshadows which I am LOVING! I am still having a play around with the but so far I
Am very impressed! Two of the main colors I have used for this look are actually colours that were free samples that came with my order,normally I don't pay too much attention to them (I hate those little baggies!) but these were so pretty so I had to use them.I dont often wear blue on my eyes either but this blue is such a beautiful sapphire blue i couldnt resist! I hope you like the look and try it out for you're self :)

Eyeshadows used: all by Femme Fatale "Moonglow","Eternal Trance","Endless Winter","Spark of Life"

-To start with i applied eye primer over my eye lids,then using the colour "EndlessWinter" on a pencil brush (i used a wet brush to make the colour more intense) then i traced around the crease of my eye and also going along the outer half of my lash line,i also made a tiny wing on the outer corner.

-Next blended along the edges of where i did the "Endless Winter" with a clean blending brush.I then used a small wet eyeshadow brush with the colour "Moonglow"on it. I applied that around the inner corner of my eye.

-After that i used "Spark of life" ,again on a wet brush and i applied that   next to and slightly over lapping the "Moonglow"

-I then used "Eternal Trance" (This is my very fave Femme Fatale colour!) on a small eyeshadow brush and patted the colour in between "Endless Winter"and "Spark of life",this colour blends the other colours in beautifully.I also pressed a bit of that same colour down in the middle of my lower lash line. 
Note:  I didnt wet my brush when using this colour it is so pigmented i didnt want to intensify it any more.

-To finish off i applied a thin line of liquid liner to my top lash line,to my bottom lashline i wet an eye liner brush and used the colour "Eternal Trance" as eyeliner.I also applied a few coats of Mascara and a strip of false lashes.

Well thats todays look finished i hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by and dont forget to comment and subscribe :)


  1. gorgeous make-up hun! you look absolutely beautiful :) i love your blog, really enjoy reading your posts, they made me smile! XO

    1. Aww thankyou so much! That is one of the nicest comments I have had you are so sweet thankyou,you have made my day :)


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